Upper Eyelid Surgery

Have your upper eyelids started drooping, so much so that they interfere with your vision? Do your eyelids feel heavy or have a hooded appearance. If so, you may have eyelid droop. The condition is quite common and can affect people of all ages. Fortunately, upper eyelid surgery can correct the condition.

A surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty can correct upper eyelid droop. Our skilled Elmquist Eye Group surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez, is one of the best at diagnosing this condition and performing the corrective surgery.

What is blepharoplasty?

Upper Eyelid SurgeryBlepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that restores the upper eyelids to their natural position. If your eyelids are drooping significantly enough to interfere with your vision, our surgeon will most likely recommend surgery to remedy the issue. Because upper eyelid droop is a progressive condition, it will only get worse over time. Sometimes, our patients with minor eyelid droop elect to have the procedure for cosmetic reasons.

Upper eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. You will be placed under local anesthesia and be comfortable throughout the entire procedure, which lasts about an hour. In general, it takes our surgeon about 20 minutes per eye. We can do both upper eyelids within the same surgery, and we can also repair your lower eyelids as well.

The surgery involves the creation of an incision in the upper eyelid along the natural crease. Dr. Rodriguez will remove or reposition fat in the eyelid to create a more natural appearance, and she may need to remove excess eyelid skin. She then tightens the small levator muscle, which in turn lifts the lid. Fine sutures are used to close the incision.

What are the surgical risks?

All surgeries have some degree of risk, but upper eyelid surgery has very low risk. Patients often experience dry eye or a hematoma, and less commonly may have a scratched cornea.

At your initial Elmquist Eye Group consultation, we will perform a detailed medical history and a comprehensive exam to learn about possible underlying causes of your eyelid droop.

Is the recovery from this surgery easy?

Post-surgical recovery from upper eyelid procedures is very easy. You’ll have to take it easy for about a week. During this time, we ask that you sleep with your head slightly elevated to reduce swelling. Bruising and pain are also minimal, and usually last only two to three days after surgery. Most don’t need any pain medication, but those that do find that over-the-counter Tylenol can easily control the pain.

We will schedule a few follow-up appointments to check your progress the day after the surgery and several days later to remove the sutures.

Trust in Elmquist

If you are considering upper eyelid surgery, you can trust the professionals at Elmquist Eye Group. Don’t let your droopy eyelids interfere with your lifestyle any longer. Call us today to make an appointment at Elmquist Eye Group.