Upper Eyelid Surgery Lee County

If you live or work in Lee County, Florida, and are contemplating upper and/or lower eyelid surgery to regain a more youthful appearance, consider the specialists at Elmquist Eye Group.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Lee CountyUsing state-of-the-art technology, Elmquist Eye Group provides a full spectrum of eye care services in a comfortable and caring setting.

Yasaira Rodriguez, MD is an experienced eye surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Her areas of expertise include LASIK, cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, and in-office procedures. She is also a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

About Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes are the first thing others see when they look at your face. They are also the first part of the face to show signs of aging.

Blepharoplasty surgery, also called an “eyelid lift,” removes sagging skin and pockets of fat from the upper and lower eyelids to tighten them and restore a more youthful appearance to the eyes. The surgery can improve:

  • Drooping and sagging upper eyelids
  • Under-eye bags
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Puffiness in the lower eyelid area
  • Tired, angry or sad appearance
  • Poor vision (for those with extremely droopy eyelids)

Blepharoplasty is most commonly performed under local anesthesia in the office. The surgeon marks the incision sites by following the natural creases of your eyelids. Excess fat is removed, and sagging skin and muscle is carefully trimmed. The incisions are closed with very fine stitches, and any resulting scars will fade away completely over time.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after eyelid surgery. There may be some swelling and/or bruising that lasts for 7 to 10 days. Although you can usually resume your normal routine within a few days, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise and activities for two to three weeks.

After swelling and bruising have subsided, you can expect smoother, better-defined eyelids. Your eyes will appear more alert, rejuvenated, and refreshed, and you can expect your skin to continue to tighten for a full year after the procedure.

Are You a Good Candidate for Blepharoplasty?

The best candidates for blepharoplasty are men and women who have healthy facial tissue and muscles and realistic expectations from surgery. Most patients are over 35 years of age, but if your droopy eyelids are hereditary, you may decide to have eyelid surgery at a younger age.

If you are in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, or elsewhere in Lee County, and have questions about upper and/or lower surgery, call Elmquist Eye Group at (239) 936-2020 to schedule an appointment. We have maintained an “A” rating at Angie’s List since 2008 and will provide you with the highest level of care.