Nearly 25 million Americans have cataracts, and if you are one of them, you will need to find a team of local cataract surgeons that you can rely on. Surgery is the only way to permanently remedy your cataracts, and patients in SW Florida in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas have been turning to Elmquist Eye Group’s expert surgeons for over 25 years.

About Cataract Surgery

Local Cataract SurgeonsOur surgeon can perform both traditional surgical blade cataract surgery as well as the newer laser-assisted surgery. They prefer the laser surgery because the technique allows for a much more precise cataract correction. In this surgery, a specialized laser is used to make an incision in the lens. The laser allows the surgeon to use more precision in both the incision depth and length. After the incision is made, the surgeon softens and breaks up the cataract and removes it from the eye.

The laser technology surgery is safe, precise and very effective. The laser precision means that we can now correct complicated vision problems like astigmatism while at the same time performing the cataract surgery. Patients rarely have complications when this procedure is used. Most people report a bit of redness or mild itching for a couple of days after surgery, but those symptoms quickly subside.

Our Experienced Elmquist Surgeon

Of course, you want a very experienced and knowledgeable surgeon and you’ll definitely find that with our cataract surgeon here at Elmquist. Our surgeons are very experienced at performing the laser-assisted cataract surgery, and our surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained by two prestigious organizations, the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, respectively. All our cataract surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis in our state-of-the-art surgical facilities that have the very latest in specialized eye examination equipment.

Elmquist Eye Group surgeons have been providing comprehensive eye care to southwest Floridians for 25 years. Rest assured — you will receive the very best in eye care at Elmquist. Before the surgery, we will perform extensive eye tests, including a visual acuity test and a glare test. In the visual acuity test, we dilate your eyes to obtain a detailed determination of your near and far vision; we also examine the internal structures of the eye. The glare test is designed to expose you to varying degrees of glare to determine how your vision with the cataract is affected. All these tests give our surgeons important insight into the state of your eye health and the extent of your cataract.

The Elmquist Difference

With all cataracts, patients eventually need surgery to remove the cataract and restore normal vision. Because cataracts are a normal part of aging, the cataract will continue. Left untreated, cataracts progress into severe vision loss and eventual blindness. Your eyesight is precious, so don’t delay. Call Elmquist Eye Group today. Our experienced team of local cataract surgeons is ready to treat you, so give us a call and we will schedule your initial appointment.