Lip Augmentation Treatment Cape Coral

Aging. It happens to everyone. One of the many signs of aging is thinning of the lips. As we age, we lose collagen and the lips naturally thin over time. If you want to change your appearance and have been considering lip augmentation treatment in Cape Coral, look no further than Elmquist Eye Group. We also have a convenient office in Fort Myers.

Why lips thin over time

Lip Augmentation Treatment Cape CoralThe loss of collagen and the sagging of muscles around the mouth both happen with age. Your genetics also play a role. As a result, the tissues lose support and begin to sag and thin. The fullness and firmness you once saw in your lips begins to disappear. You may feel that you have a less attractive appearance and a more aged face.

As you age, you also start to lose an important compound called hyaluronic acid which provides structure and hydration to lip and other tissues. Many of our patients begin noticing this in their late twenties or thirties.  There are many things you can do to support your skin health. Staying hydrated is a key factor because substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid need water to provide tissue structure. Use a lip ointment that soaks into your lips rather than sitting on top of your lips. Always wear sunscreen in our hot Florida sun and make sure you have a diet rich in both vitamin C and protein.

How to fix thinning lips

Despite all of the above measures, your lips may still be thinning with age, and you may not be happy with your appearance. Don’t fret. Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez can help. She is our cosmetic surgeon and is also a comprehensive ophthalmologist. She performs a procedure called lip augmentation that involves the use of hyaluronic fillers like cosmetic JUVEDÉRM® and Restylane®. Both of these treatments offer non-surgical rejuvenation and dermal fillers to give our patients a fresh new look. The fillers help the lips retain water to add volume.

Less is more in lip augmentation, and having an experienced surgeon is key. The doctor must be precise and strategic in the placement of the filler in order to give the lips a balanced, natural look.

This is an important decision you are making about your appearance, so take time researching and ultimately choosing a doctor. Education, training and experience are all important factors to consider. You need a well-trained experienced specialist, and Dr. Rodriguez certainly fits that description. Read more about her background here and her pleased patients’ before and after pictures here.

If you have concerns about your lips, come talk to Dr. Rodriguez about your options. Because hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, these injections are not prone to causing allergic reactions. Most patients are candidates, and this is a very common cosmetic procedure that Dr. Rodriguez performs regularly.

Many of our patients are surprised at how a small change like a lip enhancement changes their entire face. If you’ve lost lip volume over time, restore that volume with one of our lip augmentation treatments. Cape Coral residents are fortunate to have Dr. Rodriguez right here in town at the Elmquist Eye Group office. Interested? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez today. She can discuss your goals and the types of fillers available to you.