What is laser-assisted cataract surgery? If you are in Cape Coral, you can find out about this amazing technological advancement in cataract treatment.

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery Cape CoralIf you have cataracts, you are definitely not alone. In fact, nearly 25 million Americans have cataracts. As the condition worsens, surgery is the only remedy. Although there are other cataract surgical methods, our expert ophthalmologists at Elmquist Eye Group prefer the laser method.

Why? With laser-assisted cataract surgery, surgeons can achieve much higher levels of precision than they can with traditional cataract surgery which uses a metal surgical blade. This precision allows our surgeons to correct vision problems in the same cataract removal surgery.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon — It Matters

Naturally, you want an expert and experienced surgeon to operate on your eyes. Vision is precious – we understand that. For nearly 25 years, patients in Cape Coral and the entirety of southwest Florida have turned to Elmquist Eye Group for incredible eye care. We use the latest equipment in our state-of-the-art surgical facilities, and our doctors and staff are highly trained to provide you the best possible eye care.

Ideally, you want a board certified surgeon. Our doctors are not only board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, but they are also fellowship trained by the prestigious American Academy of Ophthalmology. Both of these qualifications highlight the fact that our surgeons have gone above and beyond to obtain extensive additional training and expertise in cataract surgery as well as other surgical procedures. Furthermore, our Elmquist surgeons have extensive experience with laser-assisted cataract surgery, so you will definitely be in good hands at Elmquist.

Our surgeons perform a detailed eye exam and a comprehensive overall health exam before the surgery. Typically, they perform two eye tests – a visual acuity test and a glare test. The glare test is designed to determine various degrees of glare and how those affect your vision. The visual acuity test is a dilated eye exam to examine the internal eye structures and your far and close vision. Both tests provide our surgeons with valuable information regarding your cataract evaluation.

Laser Surgery Is Precision Surgery

During laser-assisted surgery, our surgeons create an incision in the eye lens by using a laser. Surgeons then use a customized map of the eye surface to guide the break up and removal of the cataract. After that is complete, the damaged lens is removed and replaced with a lens implant.

Using laser-assisted surgery allows our surgeons to have far more surgical precision and accuracy to heighten their ability to perform delicate work on the eye structures. Surgical errors are much less likely with laser-assisted surgery, and patients experience far fewer post-surgical symptoms, most of which are minor symptoms like redness or itchiness. Patients rarely experience complications with this surgery, which is one of the safest, most effective surgical procedures on the planet.

All cataracts eventually require surgical intervention. Without it, the cataract will continue to grow to an extent that severe vision loss or even blindness can occur. So don’t delay, and call Elmquist Eye Group today. Our experienced team will tell you all you need to know about laser-assisted cataract surgery in our Cape Coral facility.