If you are in your sixties or seventies, many of your friends might be having cataract surgery. You may be wondering whether you have cataracts. If you do, is there an age limit for cataract surgery? Elmquist Eye Group can answer all your questions.

Safe and Effective Surgery – At Any Age

The truth is there is no age limit for cataract surgery. Even better, this procedure is very quick and very safe. Most of all, our Elmquist surgeons are highly skilled at cataract removal. You will be amazed at the quality of your restored vision. You are in good hands with the best cataract specialists in SW Florida.

Is There an Age Limit for Cataract Surgery?Most people are great candidates for the surgery, as long as they are in good overall health. We often consult with your primary care physician or other specialist about the surgery. For most people, cataract surgery is a viable option.

In certain patients with conditions like macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, there may be some surgical implications. We may have to perform a different cataract surgical method. We will always discuss complications with you as well as the results you can expect.

Sometimes we encounter particular situations that require special consideration: severe diabetes, previous eye surgeries, certain genetic conditions, previous eye trauma, or very advanced cataracts. However, cataract surgery is still usually an option in all these cases.

Why do I need surgery?

Cataracts can only be remedied with surgery. The cloudy lens must be removed when the cataract begins significantly affecting the patient’s vision. In particular, you may have noticed that your night vision is now problematic.

In the early stages of a cataract, you may not need surgery. Instead, we can likely continue to adjust your lens prescription (glasses or contacts) as the cataract grows. Eventually, it will require surgery, and rest assured we will do a thorough assessment of you as a surgical candidate.

A Natural Part of Aging

Lots of folks think cataracts are a disease, but they are not. Cataracts are really a natural part of aging. The eye’s natural proteins begin to break down and cloud the lens, interfering with the eye’s ability to properly focus light, which affects vision.

If you are age 60, you may already have an early-stage cataract. Most people have significant cataracts by age 75. Because cataracts are a natural part of aging, there is no way to prevent them from occurring. Surgery is the only permanent fix.

The Elmquist Difference

For so many of our patients, cataract surgery is a sight-saving procedure that restores their vision to a level they had forgotten they could have. So many people just adjust to the cloudy vision. They are amazed at how good their vision is once the cataract is gone.

Elmquist Eye Group is conveniently located in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.  Our doctors have been cataract patients for over 25 years. Remember: there is not an age limit for cataract surgery, so give us a call today at Elmquist Eye Group.