Glasses After Cataract Surgery

Patients with monofocal lens implants typically need glasses after cataract surgery for reading and sometimes for distance. If selected correctly, however, your intraocular lens (IOL) should reduce your dependence on glasses for most activities. Elmquist Eye Group can help you make the right decision.

Glasses After Cataract Surgery

Intraocular Lens Options

Cataracts are the most common cause of blurred vision in people over the age of 50. Although no medication or special diets can cure them, cataracts can be surgically removed by your ophthalmologist and replaced with a permanent artificial lens implant, called an intraocular lens or IOL, to restore your lost vision.

Whether or not you will need glasses after cataract surgery depends on the type of intraocular lens you have implanted. In some cases, you will still need to wear glasses for reading and close-up work.

Elmquist Eye Group offers a full range of lens options, so it is important to meet with our doctors and staff to explore which lens is the best match for your lifestyle.

  • Blended Monovision Implants: With blended monovision, one implant is calculated to correct for your distance vision and the other implant is corrected for your near vision. You should plan to wear glasses for some tasks, especially night driving and visually demanding close-up tasks.
  • Toric Implant: This lens is designed to reduce astigmatism and treat your cataracts. You may still need glasses for reading and computer work after surgery.
  • Multifocal Implant: This new-technology intraocular lens corrects your vision at distance, intermediate and near. If being less dependent on glasses is of interest to you, this is a lens that you should consider.

Most patients who undergo cataract surgery notice an improvement in their vision right away, but it will continue to improve for several months. Many patients are amazed by the brightness of colors and the clarity of their vision.

Many patients enjoy better vision after cataract surgery and don’t need to wear glasses. Make an appointment at Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers or Cape Coral to learn about the latest options in cataract treatment and lens technology. Call us today at (239) 936-2020. We would be delighted to answer your questions and help you achieve better vision.