Get an Eye Test in Fort Myers

Most likely, you have a general practitioner. If you have heart problems, you probably have a cardiologist. You think of these doctors as your healthcare team, and your eye doctor is also an important part of that team. We care for your eye health and each year, we recommend that you get an eye test. In Fort Myers, the best place for an exam is at Elmquist Eye Group.

Get an Eye Test in Fort MyersEye tests are important, even if you have perfect vision or don’t currently wear corrective lenses. Your eye health is often an indicator of your overall health. Many diseases first show signs in the eyes, so annual eye exams are key. Our expert physicians can provide early detection for any potential eye issues you may have.

Finding the Right Doctor

We understand how important finding the right doctor is. Experience matters. Seek out an eye doctor with the specific experience you need. For instance, if you are over age 60, you may be concerned about developing cataracts. You’ll want to find an ophthalmologist, a doctor who diagnoses eye diseases and certain medical conditions, and who performs eye surgeries. they also perform eye surgeries. Ophthalmologists have either a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree or a medical doctor (MD) degree and typically specialize in a specific area of eye care, such as cataract surgery.

At Elmquist, our doctors have gone one step further to achieve the pinnacle of their professions by becoming board-certified by either the American Board of Optometry or the American Board of Ophthalmology. These board certifications are not required to practice medicine. They are entirely voluntary but our doctors wanted to show this additional level of commitment to eye excellence to their patients.

Certain medical conditions like diabetes often create eye issues like diabetic retinopathy which can affect vision. You will want to choose a doctor with experience in that specific area. Our Elmquist doctors are highly regarded in southwest Florida, so we get lots of patients referred from their general practitioners and medical specialists alike. Our doctors are highly trusted, and patients have great experiences with our eye care, therefore many of our patients refer family and friends to us. At Elmquist Eye Group, we have physicians specializing in every area of eye health so you will definitely find the specialist you need.

About Eye Exams

We strongly recommend that you have a good comprehensive eye exam each year. These exams are designed to check both vision as well as eye function, and eye exams are often the only way to diagnose certain eye diseases early, including macular degeneration and glaucoma.

At Elmquist, we have it all – experienced doctors, a friendly staff, excellent opticians and surgeons for every type of eye surgery should you need it. The starting point on your eye health journey is the annual eye test, so get an eye test in Fort Myers at Elmquist Eye Group. We also have a Cape Coral location as well. Our team wants to be your team. Give us a call today.