Do you have a personal eye care plan? If not, you definitely need one, and it should involve more than just seeing an eye doctor once in a while. Your treatment plan should include frequent eye exams, prescriptions for glasses if you need them to correct vision, and knowing your family history and age-related risk for certain eye diseases. Part of your plan should include having a trusted Florida eye care specialist, a doctor you can rely on for all your eye care needs. You’ll find that at Elmquist Eye Group.

Regular Eye Exams

Eye Doctor Near Estero, FloridaA regular eye exam is a crucial part of this plan. Following your eye doctor’s recommendations is essential. Returning for an eye exam at the frequency recommended by your doctor, protecting your eyes from the sun, or taking vision supplements to maintain good eye health are all part of the plan as well. It is important to eat healthy and exercise, too.

Patients must remember that the majority of eye problems have no early symptoms. There are no outward signs to pay attention to, so most patients are unaware that they even have a problem. Eye exams are the only way to detect most issues, and we can detect problems early when you come in for regular eye examinations. Just know that these exams are crucial for early diagnosis and treatment and are vitally important to maintaining a lifetime of good eye health.

During the exam, we will assess your vision, determine if you need a prescription and check for underlying eye disease. We will also evaluate how well your eyes work together. The eyes are often a benchmark of your overall health, so we will detect other conditions like signs of diabetes as well. In fact, eye doctors are often the first health care professionals to detect signs of chronic systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

You still need regular eye exams even if there are no apparent vision problems. We recommend exams for adults every year to three years, depending on age and other factors. 

Your vision is essential and precious, so protect this treasured resource. We are ready to see you at our convenient Fort Myers or Cape Coral locations, so contact us today. We are ready to help you put your personal eye care plan together.

If you don’t have a personal eye care plan, you need one, regardless of your age. If you do not have a doctor, come to Elmquist Eye Group, your Florida eye care specialists. We are ready to help with all your eye care needs, so give us a call or go online to schedule your appointment today.