Family Eye Doctor Near Me

How great would it be to have a family eye doctor that all of your family members from young to old could visit? Even better, what if there was an eye doctor centrally located to your home or work? If you’ve wondered, “Is there a family eye doctor near me?”, you are in luck in southwest Florida because Elmquist Eye Group is conveniently nearby.

Family Eye Doctor Near MeThese days, everyone is working on the computer. School-age kids are doing lessons and older adults are using computers as well. Most jobs today involve some form of computer work. As people spend more time staring at the screen, many of our patients are developing computer vision syndrome. Also called digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome occurs when people view any digital screen for extended periods of time. These days, the average American spends a whopping seven hours per day staring at a computer screen.

Viewing a screen is much different than reading a printed page. The level of light contrast is much different, and there is often glare and reflection coming off the screen. As a result, the eyes have to work much harder, and a person can develop vision-related symptoms. Left uncorrected, these visual problems can become more severe over time, so protecting your eyes is crucial. We can help.

Myopia or nearsightedness is becoming much more prevalent in society these days, particularly in young people. Myopia is growing fastest in the adolescent population. Our team can help you with the latest techniques and treatments to slow the progression.

More and more of our adult patients are experiencing dry eye, a fast-growing problem. At Elmquist, we can successfully treat and manage your dry eye condition, a very common condition that affects millions of Americans just like you.

Many of our patients are simply tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses, and if you are one of them, the Elmquist team can help with that, too. Our doctors can counsel you about the options available for refractive treatment, including LASIK surgery, and talk to you about the benefits and risks of each one. We offer free LASIK consultations and evaluations to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

If your vision is clouded, you may have a cataract. An eye exam is usually the only way to detect cataracts, and our Elmquist team can diagnose, treat and manage your cataracts. When the cataract significantly impacts vision, we can also perform your cataract surgery, the only way to remedy the condition. If you are age 60 or over, you may have already begun developing a cataract.

Our team also provides eye care for people with conditions that affect the eye, such as diabetes. We can perform a diabetic eye exam, which we recommend annually for our patients with diabetes. We can even work with your family physician to co-manage your care.

If you have been wondering, “Is there a family eye doctor near me?”, there is! The Elmquist Eye Group is ready for your entire family to be our new patients. Contact our experienced team today to schedule your appointment.