Family Eye Doctor in Cape Coral

Are you looking for a family eye doctor in Cape Coral? Would you like an eye doctor who can treat your entire family? In this article, we explore some of the questions you should consider, keeping in mind that Elmquist Eye Group can fill all these needs for each member of your family.

Vision care

Family Eye Doctor in Cape CoralLet’s face it, with so much computer screen time these days, myopia (nearsightedness) is becoming much more common. Our expert optometrists can test and fit every member of your family with eyeglasses, providing the primary eye care that you need.

More than eyeglasses

Perhaps you have members of the family who need advanced eye care. Older adults are more likely to have cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye issues. If your family member has other medical conditions like diabetes, eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy factor in.

Our Elmquist team provides specialty care for examining, monitoring, treating and managing all of these ocular conditions. Many of these eye issues often have no noticeable early signs, so regular eye exams are important and we can provide a comprehensive eye clinic for each of your family members. We have the latest in high-tech test and examination equipment to treat you.

Our doctors are board-certified and fellowship-trained in these eye conditions, and we will apply this knowledge and experience to provide you the ultimate in eye care. Our opticians can help you choose the best eyeglasses to fit your prescription and your face shape. Some family members may be more concerned with having fashionable glasses, while some may want more durable glasses, particularly for members of your family who play sports. We can provide specialty lens coatings for eyeglasses, even for hard-to-fit patients.

Our office staff is also top-notch, rounding out our excellent team. They understand all vision insurance policies as well as medical health insurance benefits. Your vision as well as your eye health are both our utmost concern for your family.

How to choose a family eye doctor

An eye doctor must be accessible, and Elmquist has two convenient locations in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, so we’re close to where you live and work. We have regular office hours and our doctors are on call after hours for any eye emergencies that may arise.

Choose an eye doctor with the extensive expertise to treat any eye condition and to take care of family vision. It will give you peace of mind, and we will begin to know each family member and his or her unique needs. We can perform vision testing and eye exams for all ages, and care for eye diseases and conditions at any age. Don’t limit yourself. Choose a family eye doctor in Cape Coral who can provide comprehensive eye care. That is Elmquist Eye Group, and we want your whole family to be our new patients. Contact our experienced team today to schedule your appointment.