Eye Specialist for Cataracts Near Me

Do you ever feel like there is almost too much information online? Many people initially search for doctors and other healthcare professionals online. For example, if you are a patient who has cataracts, you need a trusted eye doctor. You certainly ask family and friends for referrals, but most people also search online. When you look up, “eye specialist for cataracts near me,” you get a long list of search returns. How do you know if you are getting accurate, quality information?

What Does The Research Say?

Eye Specialist for Cataracts Near MeResearchers have actually performed studies to evaluate commonly visited websites containing cataract information. In a new February 2021 published study, researchers evaluated 10 websites, using a 40-question grading sheet. They found significant differences in both content and accuracy among the websites. Furthermore, the Google ranking did not correlate to content quality. Even though a website is the first one or two websites you see in the search results, this does not necessarily mean the content is of high quality. There were also significant variations in the readability of the different websites.

The bottom line to this research is that online resources alone are not sufficient for patients to have a complete understanding of cataracts and cataract surgery. Elmquist Eye Group prides itself on spending as much time with our patients as needed to answer all your questions and to ensure that you have all the correct information about cataracts.

Elmquist Excellence

For example, many patients with cataracts are pleasantly surprised to learn that they may not need surgery right away. Initially, we can usually make minor and more frequent adjustments to your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription to adjust for the change in vision caused by the cataract.

As cataracts progress, surgery is needed to replace the clouded lens with a new implant. When that time comes, our incredible surgeons are ready for you. Our surgeons are ophthalmologists – board-certified and fellowship-trained medical doctors who specialize in corneal surgeries like cataract surgery.

Every surgical procedure is tailored to the individual patient because cataracts progress differently in different people. Some patients also have other vision issues, eye conditions or health conditions that factor in. Our surgeons frequently work with our patients’ other physicians to coordinate care and treatment.

Some people can start forming cataracts as early as age 40. Cataracts can form in one or both eyes, and by age 65, most patients have a cataract significant enough to interfere with vision. Our doctors continue to monitor your vision, make prescription adjustments, and recommend surgery at a point in time when a permanent solution is needed.

Most of our patients begin experiencing intense glare (especially in our bright Florida sun) blurry vision, or trouble seeing at night. Most patients are candidates for cataract surgery, which is one of the safest, most effective surgeries on the planet. We perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure, and patients go home the same day.

If you are overwhelmed by all the online information, and not sure where to turn with your search results for “eye specialist for cataracts near me,” Elmquist Eye Group cataract surgeons can help. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment on our website so that you can come experience the latest advancements in eye care.