Eye Specialist Doctors in Fort Myers

Eye specialists can be needed for many reasons, but if you or a loved one has recently had a stroke, having a qualified doctor in Fort Myers is particularly important. If you are in this situation, come to the specialists at Elmquist Eye Group.

Vision care and stroke

Eye Specialist Doctors in Fort MyersComprehensive eye care is very important for stroke victims, who may suffer from several types of visual impairment after a stroke. Low vision, visual perception difficulties and eye movement issues can all occur. Many patients experience double vision, which causes a person to lose depth perception and greatly affects walking. These situations can create issues with depth perception, loss of balance and reading problems.

The Elmquist ophthalmologists and optometrists are well trained in diagnosing these vision problems, and we can design a visual rehabilitation plan to suit your unique needs. Many of the vision issues associated with stroke won’t get better without a therapy plan, so having an eye specialist team is very important.

Published studies have shown that many stroke survivors have reduced central vision, and one in four will have issues with eye movements. These published studies also show that therapy plans are very effective over a two to three month period in restoring central vision loss, restoring ocular (eye) movements and depth and visual perception.

What the science says

In cases of severe stroke, visual impairment is often more likely to occur and is usually more severe. The older the stroke survivor, the more likely the person will have visual disturbances. Many survivors of a stroke have long-term visual impairment that requires prolonged treatment. Yet in many cases, patients may not have symptoms, but an eye exam reveals visual impairment due to a stroke.

In one published study, over 300 patients with an average age of 69 were studied. Ninety two percent had some form of visual impairment; only eight percent had normal vision. Nearly 70 percent of these patients had issues with eye alignment and eye movement, and half suffered visual field impairments. About one in four had low vision, while one in five had depth perception issues. Researchers concluded that standardized eye exams and eye care from an eye specialist were very important.

Why an eye specialist is important

In a range of published studies, 30 to 60 percent of all stroke patients suffer some form of visual impairment after the stroke, in addition to motor and speech impairments. Given the wide range of abnormalities that can occur in stroke survivors, the need for a specialist is great. If you or a loved one has had a stroke, a specialist is required for initial vision screening, development of a treatment plan, patient management and follow-up visits.

It is possible for patients to partially or even completely recover vision but having a rehabilitation plan formulated by our eye specialists in Fort Myers is extremely important. Don’t let your vision continue to interfere with your daily functioning or affect your quality of life. Our Elmquist team will provide a thorough diagnosis by conducting a targeted eye examination. It is essential, so don’t wait. Contact the experienced doctors at Elmquist Eye Group today to schedule your appointment.