Eye Doctors, Optometrists & Ophthalmologists Cape Coral, FL

If you are looking for the top eye doctors, optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide eye care for your family in Cape Coral, FL, look no further than Elmquist Eye Group.

 Yasaira Rodriguez, MD, Kate Wagner, OD, and Nina Burt, OD provide complete eye care services for all members of your family.

Eye Doctors, Optometrists & Ophthalmologists Cape Coral, FLDr. Rodriguez is a skilled, board certified ophthalmologists and surgeons, and Drs. Wagner and Burt are board certified optometrists. Our team will provide you with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest treatments to meet all of your eye care needs.

Optical Boutique

In Elmquist Eye Group’s full optometric boutique, you’ll find the latest in eyewear designs and lens technology, and a team of knowledgeable, licensed opticians who can assist you in selecting frames and lenses that fit your unique lifestyle and personality.

Common Eye Problems

Taking care of your eyes is the first step toward preventing vision loss. Here are a few of the most common eye problems and what they could mean:

  • Conjunctivitis –This condition, also called “pink eye,” is common in kids, but adults can get it, too. It can be very contagious. Avoid touching the eye, and try warm compresses and over-the-counter eye drops. If there is no improvement, make an appointment with your eye doctor.
  • Blurry vision – Many eye conditions can cause blurred vision, including allergies, dry eyes and eye strain. It could also be something more serious. If you have trouble seeing in dim light or see haloes around lights, it may be a cataract.
  • Floaters and flashes of light– A few floating spots and specks are normal as we get older. However, a large increase in spots along with bright flashes of light may be a sign of a detached retina. Make an appointment for an eye exam right away.
  • Dull colors and blurry images – If colors seem dull and blurry, you may have the early symptoms of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Schedule an appointment for a dilated eye exam as soon as possible.
  • Loss of peripheral vision – A decrease in side-to-side vision may be a sign that you are experiencing the early stages of glaucoma. When detected and treated at an early stage, glaucoma can be controlled, so make an appointment to discuss the treatment options.

Do your best to keep your eyes in good health by finding the top eye doctors, optometrists and ophthalmologists in Cape Coral, FL to examine them regularly and provide expert treatment when anything goes wrong. Get in touch with us today at (239) 936-2020 to schedule an appointment.