Eye Doctor Near Lehigh Acres, Florida

Your age largely determines how often you have an eye exam, but there are certain eye problems that should be seen by an eye doctor as soon as possible. Most people only visit their eye doctor when they need an updated eyeglasses prescription, but it is important to have a trusted doctor located nearby should any issues arise. If you are looking for an eye doctor near Lehigh Acres, Florida, look no further than Elmquist Eye Group.

Eye Doctor Near Lehigh Acres, FloridaHere are just a few of the eye problems that you can have. If you suffer from any of these, make sure to call us to see one of our trusted eye doctors as soon as possible.

  • Increased Sensitivity to Light: if your vision becomes blurry as you switch from a dark room into the light, you may have an eye problem. The eyes will normally quickly adapt to these changing conditions, so a blur in your vision means that the change is taking longer to occur. We can perform a comprehensive exam to look for issues with your retina. It is also possible that inflammation, allergies or a virus could be causing this issue.
  • Blurry Vision: if you are having difficulty focusing on single objects during the day, or are seeing double, it is time to see the eye doctor. Blurred vision is usually an indication of a more serious eye disease like glaucoma.
  • Night Blindness: most of us have difficulty seeing clearly at night, but the condition called night blindness is much worse. If you feel you can no longer safely navigate your car at night, your vision may be deteriorating. It could be as simple as updating your prescription, but you may have a more severe underlying condition like cataracts.
  • Headaches: eye strain or poor eye health may lead to consistent, frequent headaches. Eye strain is a huge problem, particularly given that many people spend several hours in front of a computer screen each day. Our eye doctor may be able to provide you a new eyeglasses prescription to solve the eye strain issue, but your headaches may point to a more complex problem, so be sure to come see us.
  • Dry Eyes: dry eye is also increasing as people spend more time on the computer. If your eyes feel dry and gritty, you may have dry eye syndrome, caused by climate, wearing contact lenses too long, inflammation and even medications. We can prescribe lubricating eye drops, but an eye exam will explore the root cause. Your eyes may be red due to allergies, or it could be from an infection.

If you have any of these issues, don’t wait for your next annual appointment. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Don’t delay. Your eyes are too important, and if we indeed detect an eye disease, early detection leads to early treatment. Our Elmquist eye doctors are near Lehigh Acres, Florida, ready to see you today. We have vast experience and we want you to call Elmquist your trusted new eye doctor.