Eye Doctor for Macular Degeneration in Cape Coral

Macular degeneration affects the light-sensitive cells responsible for sharp vision in the central part of the retina. Macular degeneration is age-related and very common in people over the age of 60. If you are in your sixties and it has been a while since you have seen an eye doctor, macular degeneration tests can be done in Cape Coral at Elmquist Eye Group, southwest Florida’s trusted leader in eye care.


Eye Doctor for Macular Degeneration in Cape CoralUnfortunately, AMD is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the US. This is mainly because there are no early warning signs for the disease. It is usually not until patients have significant trouble reading, recognizing faces, or using digital devices that they notice a problem, and that is often too late.

Over time, the macula becomes damaged and the patient loses central vision. Peripheral vision is not affected; therefore, the patient can see boundaries such as a person’s hair but often has trouble recognizing facial characteristics.

It is so important to have a regular eye exam. Furthermore, our trusted Elmquist eye care team will also conduct several specialized tests to diagnose AMD. First, we conduct a dilated eye exam to look at the back of the retina to detect signs of AMD. Your genetics play a role in whether you develop AMD, so these exams are important for early detection. The earlier we can detect the disease, the better we can protect your precious vision.

Treatment options

AMD has no cure and the condition does progressively worsen over time. Despite that, treatment options can slow the progression of AMD. One such treatment is anti-VEGF therapy; it involves an injection of a chemical that reduces vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a substance that helps the body generate new blood vessels. We want to minimize VEGF in a person with AMD, so these injections limit new blood vessel growth in the retina to slow AMD progression.

We can also use several types of laser surgeries to slow the disease progression. These treatments are also aimed at limiting new blood vessel growth in the retina.

The Elmquist difference

AMD is quite prevalent among older adults, particularly those over age 75. Sadly, AMD is the leading cause of vision loss in this age group, so if you suspect you have AMD or if you haven’t had a vision exam in a while, it is important to have one.

The Elmquist team is highly trusted and delivers the highest quality eye care in southwest Florida. Our ophthalmologists are medical doctors who are board-certified to treat all eye diseases including AMD. We recommend an eye exam at least once per year, and we can do AMD tests and test for other eye diseases, too.

If you need an eye doctor for macular degeneration in Cape Coral, look no further than Elmquist Eye Group. Come see us in our Cape Coral location or our other convenient location in Fort Myers. We can help diagnose and treat your AMD, so give us a call today.