Eye Care Centers in Florida

If you are looking for the best eye care centers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida for your family’s eye care, consider Elmquist Eye Group. State of the art technology, specialized equipment, and a skilled team of doctors allows us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of care.

Eye Care Centers in Florida

Elmquist Eye Group Services

The experienced Elmquist Eye Group team takes a personal interest in every patient, diagnosing and treating a full spectrum of eye conditions, including:

Comprehensive Eye Exams (for ages 5 and up) – Comprehensive eye examinations are extremely important. Many diseases can be detected during an eye exam, such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration, and some of them have no early warning signs. Schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam every one to two years, unless you are having an eye or vision problem.

Cataract Evaluation and Surgery – Cataracts are a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. The surgery involves removal of the cloudy natural lens and replacement with a clear artificial lens, called an intraocular lens. Elmquist Eye Group offers Bladeless Laser-Assisted cataract surgery which improves the precision, safety and accuracy of cataract surgery.

Glaucoma Evaluation and Treatment – Glaucoma occurs when pressure builds up inside the eye, leading to optic nerve and retinal damage and vision loss. Glaucoma testing involves measuring internal eye pressure and a detailed scan of the retina for signs of disease. Loss of sight from glaucoma can often be prevented with early treatment.

Diabetic Eye Exams – People with diabetes are 25 times more likely to lose vision than those who are not diabetic, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. There are usually no symptoms in the early stages of diabetic eye disease. An annual diabetic eye exam can spot problems early and stop or slow their progression before irreversible damage is done to your vision. 

LASIK Evaluation and Surgery – If you have a refractive error, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or presbyopia, LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea to improve the focusing power of your eye. A thorough examination will include a careful medical and ocular history to make sure there are no conditions that could compromise the outcome of your surgery.

Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment – Dry eyes result from inadequate lubrication on the surface of the eye which can cause minor irritations, an inability to wear contact lenses, and an increased risk of corneal inflammation and eye infections.  An eye exam will determine if symptoms you are experiencing may be related to dry eyes.

Full Service Optical – The Elmquist Eye Group team has more than 40 years of experience in the optical field. We provide high-quality frames and lenses to fit your lifestyle.

Your eye health is important to us at Elmquist Eye Group. We are one of the best eye care centers in Florida and can provide you with individualized care to help prevent vision loss. Schedule your eye exam today by calling us at (239) 936-2020.