Dry Eyes

Tears protect your eyes and keep them lubricated and comfortable. Dry eyes occur when there are not enough tears to lubricate and nourish your eyes or when the tears are of poor quality. Get in touch with Elmquist Eye Group for evaluation and treatment if you have been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome or are concerned you may have dry eyes.

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Dry EyesE. Trevor Elmquist, DO, is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology who served as an ophthalmology resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and as Chief of the eye clinic at Homestead Air Force Base before founding Elmquist Eye Group in 1992. Dr. Elmquist specializes in general ophthalmology and cataract surgery, and is one of America’s Top Doctors, selected by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

His partner, Kate Wagner, OD, and his associate, Nina Burt, OD, are both board certified optometrists who provide complete eye care services. Together, the team at Elmquist Eye Group has the expertise to care for anyone in your family from children to seniors.

There are many causes of dry eyes, including aging, environmental factors, hormonal changes in women, side effects of disease/medications, Sjögrens syndrome, and laser vision correction surgeries. Dry eye disease is treatable, and there is no reason to suffer. Elmquist Eye Group provides a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options for relief of dry eye syndrome.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Normally, the eye constantly lubricates itself with tears. When tears are produced at a slow and steady rate, they keep the eye moist, healthy and comfortable. But sometimes we don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears, and this causes irritation, scratchiness, burning, redness, and discomfort. This condition is known as dry eye syndrome. Approximately 20% of the population experiences dry eyes, and it can be a chronic problem, especially in older adults.

Why are tears important?

Each time we blink, a coating of tears spreads like a film over the front surface of our eyes to keep them healthy and protect them from irritants. The “tear film” is made up of three layers – an oil layer, a water (or aqueous) layer, a mucus layer – and each has its own purpose:

  • The oily layer is the outermost layer. It‘s main purpose is to seal the tear film and reduce the evaporation of our natural tears.
  • The middle watery layer makes up most of what we think of as tears. Its main purpose is to cleanse the eye, wash away irritants, and prevent infection.
  • The mucus layer is the innermost layer. It helps the watery layer spread over the surface of the eye and helps the tears stick to the eye.

How is dry eye syndrome diagnosed?

Only an eye doctor can determine if you have dry eye syndrome. To find out more about dry eyes and treatments, including artificial tears, autologous serum tears, and punctal plugs that can help conserve your own tears, get in touch with Elmquist Eye Group in Cape Coral or Fort Myers at (239) 936-2020 today.