Cosmetic Procedures & Treatments Near Me

Most likely, you have a friend who has had a cosmetic procedure. Perhaps it was surgical, or perhaps it was non-surgical. Let’s face it, your friend looks great, and you’ve privately been contemplating doing the same. If you are wondering about “cosmetic procedures & treatments near me”, come see us at Elmquist Eye Group to have an initial consultation with Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez.

What is an HA filler?

Cosmetic Procedures & Treatments Near MeDr. Rodriguez specializes in dermal fillers, also called hyaluronic acid or HA fillers. The HA fillers are extremely popular worldwide. They are also extremely safe. The US Food and Drug Administration first approved these fillers in 1996. JUVÉDERM®  is the most widely used HA filler in the world. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the body and is one of the main components of connective tissue. The gel-like substance provides a matrix structure for surrounding cells. The FDA has approved JUVÉDERM® use in adults over age 21.

Why are HA dermal fillers so popular? The fillers have a long-standing safety track record with the FDA, and the treatments are completely reversible. When we poll our Elmquist patients, these two facts give them tremendous peace of mind.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring and is a component of all connective tissues. In particular, HA fillers are particularly effective when used in the eye area. The treatments last anywhere from six months to several years, but the average is that one treatment will most likely last a calendar year.

Why choosing the right doctor is important

Many doctors other than ophthalmologists inject these fillers. JUVÉDERM® is administered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and even dentists. However, these professionals often consult with ophthalmologists if there is ever an injection issue or complications. Know that complications from dermal filler procedures are quite low, but an ophthalmologist like Dr. Rodriguez is often called when complications do arise.

Why not have an ophthalmologist administer the treatment in the first place? While it is highly unlikely that you will have any complication, having an ophthalmologist administer the filler will give you peace of mind should any issues arise. This is what you will get with Dr. Rodriguez. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who is also specially trained in these cosmetic procedures.

HA fillers are very safe and are an extremely popular non-surgical cosmetic option. If patients experience any issues, they are generally mild. There may be some slight redness or swelling at the injection site, but these are easily remedied by ice packs or Ibuprofen. Our patients experience little to no down time and are able to resume normal activities almost immediately.

Spend time selecting your doctor. Do your research. We are confident than when you’re done, you will choose Dr. Rodriguez for her education, experience and training. Read more about her background here and her pleased patients’ before and after pictures here.

Searching for “cosmetic procedures & treatments near me”? Come see Dr Rodriguez. She is a committed, caring physician who is ready to have a discussion on your journey to making this important decision. Elmquist Eye Group is ready to welcome you to our offices in either Fort Myers or Cape Coral. Schedule your appointment with us today.