A process known as phacoemulsification has revolutionized cataract surgery, and laser surgery has revolutionized the field even more in the last few years. Our Elmquist Eye Group surgeons near Port Charlotte, Florida are experienced cataract surgeons skilled in both phacoemulsification and laser surgery procedures.

What is phacoemulsification?

Cataract Surgeons Near Port Charlotte, FloridaPhacoemulsification is the most type of cataract surgery most often performed by surgeons. The lens affected by the cataract is removed and an artificial lens is put in place. We operate on one eye at a time and the procedure takes no more than an hour.

Prior to the invention of the phacoemulsification procedure, surgeons had to remove the entire lens and nearby structures. This made it more difficult to implant the intraocular lens. With phacoemulsification, surgeons can leave the lens capsule (capsular bag) intact. This bag provides the structure for the IOL, so leaving it intact makes it much easier for surgeons to place the IOL.

Before phacoemulsification, many patients had significant farsightedness because the capsular bag was removed. These patients still had to wear thick eyeglasses. Now, with phacoemulsification, surgeons use a laser to break up the cataract while leaving the capsular bag intact. It makes a big difference.

The Elmquist team

Our Elmquist team performs phacoemulsification and stitchless cataract surgery. Our incisions are so small and precise that they heal on their own without the need for stitches. Our board-certified fellowship-trained surgeons are completely up to date on the latest phacoemulsification techniques, and that gives our patients a high level of confidence in our team.

These days, modern cataract surgery is very precise. Lens implants are high tech and surgeons can implant vision-correcting lenses or clear lenses with no vision correction. Surgeons can correct high levels of refractive error, correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness. In fact, we can even correct complex cases of astigmatism, something that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

About 10 years ago, laser technology was incorporated into cataract surgery, and we use laser surgery at Elmquist today. A femtosecond laser is used to create a corneal flap with much more precision than was ever possible prior to laser use. Using lasers means that we can offer much more predictable vision outcomes to our patients. For all these reasons, our Elmquist surgeons prefer the laser method over traditional (conventional) cataract surgery.

Most people are candidates for laser surgery, but some are not, and in those cases, we do still perform the traditional surgery. Regardless of which procedure you have, both surgeries offer patients a wonderful outcome.

Cataract surgery is very safe and very effective, and our surgeons are excellent in their surgical consistency. When you come to Elmquist Eye Group, you can take comfort knowing that you are a new patient of the best cataract surgeons near Port Charlotte, Florida. If your cataracts significantly interfere with your vision, or you suspect you have one, it is time to visit the Elmquist Eye Group. Give us a call today.