Cataracts are a natural part of aging and not a disease. By the time a person reaches age 60, he or she likely has early-stage cataracts, and by age 75, most likely has one or more cataracts prominent enough that vision is impacted. Unfortunately, because they are a natural part of aging, cataracts cannot be prevented. Surgery is the only permanent fix. If you are in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area, you are fortunate to have the best cataract specialists in SW Florida at Elmquist Eye Group.  Our doctors have been helping southwest Floridians with eye care for over 25 years. Let’s find out more about cataract treatment.

Why do I need surgery?

Cataract Specialists in SW FloridaSurgery is the only way to remedy a cataract, and patients should consider surgery when the cataract begins affecting your vision to the extent that night driving is problematic and daily activities are disrupted. Cataracts form as proteins in the eye break down and clump onto the lens. The clumps of protein cloud the natural lens, disrupting the eye’s ability to properly focus light for vision. The protein deposits instead make light scatter, which skews vision and creates issues for daily tasks like reading and watching television.

When cataracts are in the early stages, surgery may not be needed. Instead, our Elmquist cataract specialists can make more frequent adjustments to your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription. When the time comes for surgery, we will do a thorough assessment to determine whether you are a good fit for this surgery.

What can I expect after cataract surgery?

At Elmquist, we perform the cataract surgery as an outpatient procedure using a bladeless laser-assisted technique in which we remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a permanent artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL) implant.

Artificial lenses have been in existence for about 50 years, but modern lenses are very technologically advanced and can correct any type of vision issue from nearsightedness to farsightedness, and even astigmatism. Our expert team will select the most appropriate lens for your particular vision need.

At Elmquist, our surgeons have one goal – we want you to have a pleasant surgical experience. Therefore, we do extensive preparation prior to surgery, taking detailed measurements to fit you for the most suitable IOL implant. After surgery, we monitor you to ensure you are stable then send you home with some eye drop medications to use for a few days. We ask that you restrict activities for a few days while your eyes heal, and we will of course schedule several post-operative eye exams designed to assess progress in healing.

A safe and effective surgery

Cataract surgery is extremely safe, quick and painless, but most of all very effective at removing your cataract to restore your vision. Our Elmquist surgeons are highly skilled in cataract surgery. In fact, we are the best cataract specialists in SW Florida, so you are in good hands with us. If you are a patient with cataracts, give us a call today at Elmquist Eye Group.