Cataract Evaluations Near Me

Do you have friends or family who have cataracts? Do you suspect you might have a cataract? If you are over age 60, it’s possible. Cataracts are a natural part of aging, and as we get older, the proteins in our eyes break down and cloud the lens. If you’ve wondered, “Are there cataract evaluations near me?” and you are here in Southwest Florida, the answer is “yes”. You are very close to the experts at Elmquist Eye Group in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

What is a cataract evaluation like?

Cataract Evaluations Near MeOur Elmquist eye care specialists use several diagnostic tests to detect and diagnose cataracts. These tests are conducted as part of a comprehensive eye exam to help doctors determine the severity of your cataracts. Our eye exam will include a pupil dilation so that we can better see your lens to examine it for cataracts. We will also use a slit lamp test to observe your lens more closely, and we will conduct several visual acuity tests to determine how accurate your vision is.

Most cataracts are age-related. Some people see signs in their 40s, but cataracts usually do not significantly affect your vision until you are in your late 60s or 70s. Cataracts can sometimes result from eye injury or trauma, and can develop right away or even several years after the trauma. Some people develop cataracts after undergoing another type of eye surgery, such as surgery for glaucoma.

Patients who take steroids for an extended period of time can sometimes develop cataracts as an earlier age, as can people with diabetes. In rare cases, a person can be exposed to certain types of radiation and develop a subsequent cataract.

Types of cataracts

All cataracts are characterized by a change in the lens. Proteins clump onto the lens and cause light to scatter rather than focus. Cataracts range in severity and affect various portions and locations on the lens, so doctors tend to classify cataracts according to the location of where the lens opacity, or clouding, is appearing.

  • Nuclear Sclerotic Cataract: This is the most common type of age-related cataract. The central part of the eye, called the nucleus, hardens and the proteins yellow. Vision changes are usually gradual.
  • Cortical Cataract: The opacity affects the cortex or outer part of the lens and people tend to have issues with peripheral vision.
  • Posterior Subcapsular Cataract (PSC): Interestingly, this cataract forms on the back surface of the lens and causes blurry close-up vision as well as halos around lights. These cataracts are much more common in people who have diabetes or have taken steroids for extended periods of time.

An Elmquist Evaluation

Regardless of the type of cataract you have, you can rest assured, “There are cataract evaluations near me.” The four main tests we use for the comprehensive cataract evaluation are easy, quick and painless. Depending on your unique eye needs, we may perform other tests to rule out other eye diseases or conditions, but those tests are also easy, quick and painless. Come in today at Elmquist Eye Group in either Cape Coral and Fort Myers for your comprehensive eye exam.