Cape Coral Designer Eyeglasses & Frames

You naturally want to always look your best. Who doesn’t? When you come to Elmquist Eye Group, you will not only get the best Cape Coral designer eyeglasses and frames, you will also get the best comprehensive eye exam as well. We will do all the necessary tests to keep your vision at peak performance, and we will help you choose the best frames and lenses too!

Choosing A Frame

Cape Coral Designer Eyeglasses & FramesYou’ve probably heard about choosing the right frame for your face, but choosing a frame to compliment your hair and eye color and skin tone can produce dramatic results and give you the look you want.

If possible, the best eyeglasses will complement the coloration of your face, eyes and hair. Regardless of the color of your skin, skin tones are classified as either warm or cool. Warm complexions have yellow tones, while cool complexions have pink or blue undertones.

Hair colors are also categorized as cool or warm. Cool tones are platinum, white, salt-and-pepper, black-blue, auburn and ash brown. Golden blond, brown-gold, brown-black are warm tones.

While skin tone and hair color are the primary factors to consider when choosing a frame, eye color should also be considered. Eye color is also rated as cool and warm. Blue eye shades are generally warm, while brown eye shades are usually cool.

Don’t worry. We have many designer styles to choose from and we will help you every step of the way.

Choosing Your Lenses

An important decision is whether you choose monofocal or bifocal lenses, but your lens coating is also an important factor to consider. Depending on the lens coating, your lenses will have different attributes.

Lots of our patients want anti-scratch coating. After all, if you wear your glasses all day, every day, there is a high likelihood they’ll become scratched at some point. This coating protects your glasses against scratches and abrasions that occur from daily wear and tear. They won’t protect your glasses if your dog decides to eat your frames, but we can certainly help you with a replacement pair.

Our patients also love the anti-reflective coatings we offer, which are particularly helpful in our hot Florida sun. These coatings reduce glare and halos around lights during night driving. The coating also helps reduce glare from a computer screen and strong fluorescent office lights.

Our polarized coatings are also very popular, again helping with our powerful Florida sun. Polarized coatings also reduce glare. Many of our customers who drive or boat out on the water love these lenses, which are available in the standard dark green, or dark gray or brown tints as well.

We do offer a UV protective coating, very helpful given that UV radiation is associated with numerous age-related eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. Our polycarbonate lenses already come with built-in UV protection.

We even offer a coating that adjusts to light, meaning the tint of your glasses will change depending on how much light exposure there is. Our patients like this option because it helps protect their eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays. We also offer color tint coatings in four colors and four intensities to help you see better or to just give your designer eyeglasses that unique look.

These days, most of us spend significant time in front of a computer or digital screen, and – you guessed it – we have a special coating for that, too! The blue light that is emitted from digital screens is a high-energy visible light form that can damage eyes after excessive exposure.

Whatever options you decide on, know that you can trust our experienced team at Elmquist Eye Group for all your eye care needs in Cape Coral, including designer eyeglasses and frames. Give us a call today so we can help you make a great choice.