Buy Eye Glasses in SW Florida

Needing new eye glasses? If you are looking to buy eye glasses in SW Florida, come to Elmquist Eye Group. We offer comprehensive optical services and a wide selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Fitting Your Lifestyle

Buy Eye Glasses in SW FloridaOur excellent team of opticians will take your lifestyle into account to help you find the perfect eyewear. Do you work in front of a computer screen for many hours a day? Are you athletic and therefore needing high quality sturdy eyewear? Are you looking for sunglasses to protect your eyes from our intense Florida sun?

We offer all kinds of lens options, lens coatings and frame choices. Transitions™ lenses are a very popular choice with our patients. These lenses are light-intelligent, meaning they adapt and change tint according to the amount of light. The adjustment is very smooth from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight, and the lenses quickly return to clear once you are in the shade again or indoors. Customers love the convenience of wearing one set of eye glasses indoors and outdoors without having to constantly switch to sunglasses and back.

Transitions™ lenses fully block both UVA and UVB light, so they protect your eyes just like sunglasses. We can even offer specific solutions tailored to running, golfing, fishing and other activities. We can fit transition lenses into any size frame, and even add anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

If Transitions™ lenses are not your style, we can create custom prescription protective sunglasses for you. Even if you don’t need a prescription, we can help. All Floridians should wear sunglasses to protect from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. As you get older, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts and other eye conditions.

Looking Your Best

We know that you always want to look your best, and the right pair of eye glasses can compliment your facial features. Our experienced opticians will help you find the right frame design for your facial features, hair color, eye color and skin tone.

We help determine whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Cool complexions tend to have pink undertones, while yellow undertones are characteristic of warm complexions. Likewise, hair colors are either warm or cool tones. Yellow tones in golden blond or brown-black hair are warm tones, while platinum, white, auburn, black-blue and salt-and-pepper hair are cool tones. We will also help match frame color to the wide range of eye colors. Blues are warm while brown eyes are cool tones. The right frame matched to all of these characteristics can make a stunning difference to your appearance.

To get the best eye care, come to Elmquist Eye Group to buy eye glasses in SW Florida. Visit either our Fort Myers or Cape Coral location for a wide selection of frames and lenses. Importantly, you can also get the best comprehensive eye exam from our expert eye doctors. We’ll help you make a great choice, and you’ll have a great experience, so call us today!