Botox Treatment Near Me

Have you been considering Botox? Do you have friends who have done it with great results? If you are wondering, “Is there Botox treatment near me?” look no further than Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez, Elmquist Eye Group’s comprehensive ophthalmologist who also specializes in cosmetic procedures.

What is Botox used for?

Botox Treatment Near MeDr. Rodriguez uses the treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The skin can look smoother and more rejuvenated. With the treatments, many of our patients gain a boost of confidence as well as improved self-esteem.

She uses Botox to treat several areas, including the face, the forehead, the eye area, the area above the lips and the neck. Forehead treatment with Botox is predominantly done to get rid of frown lines and smile wrinkles around the eyes. As people age, they tend to get fine lines and creases above the upper lip, and Botox treatment to this area can drastically change your appearance. Many of our patients don’t realize that Botox can be used in the neck area. This is great news if you have lots of sun damage and wrinkles.

Even better news is that almost everyone is a viable candidate for receiving the Botox for wrinkles treatment. We don’t recommend the treatment for pregnant women and there are a few neurological issues that may mean you are not a good candidate.

What exactly is Botox anyway?

Botox is short for a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A. Don’t let the words  “toxin” or “neurotoxin” frighten you. Botulinum is a toxic protein that can be used in small amounts under the supervision of the experienced and qualified Dr. Rodriguez.

As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dr. Rodriguez specializes in performing cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery. Additionally, she has always had a passion for cosmetic procedures to improve her patients’ appearances and self-esteem.

She offers an array of medical cosmetic injections from BOTOX®/ Dysport® for facial line correction and prevention to surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery.

Botox is used for both mild and severe wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Dr. Rodriguez will not only assess whether you are a good candidate, but she will also discuss your expectations at length. It is important for the two of you to be on the same page so to speak to achieve realistic results.

In addition to Botox, Dr. Rodriguez performs both surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures. She can perform Botox in the office and you will have little to no down time. In fact, many of her patients come in early morning, during their lunch hour, or right after work to have the procedure and easily return to work right afterwards or the next day.

If you have been considering Botox, and perhaps wondering about “Botox treatment near me”, come see Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez. Please visit our website to learn more about these cosmetic procedures, then schedule an appointment online or call our office to book your time with her. We look forward to seeing you.