Botox Treatment Cape Coral

Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez of Elmquist Eye Group is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who also specializes in cosmetic procedures. She is passionate about providing Botox treatment in Cape Coral to all her satisfied patients. Let’s explore more about what these cosmetic treatments are all about.

How is Botox used cosmetically?

Botox Treatment Cape CoralBotox products are made from botulinum toxin. There are various toxin A and B products that are used for a wide range of uses including muscle spasms, overactive bladder and cosmetic purposes. Typical cosmetic brands are Botox Cosmetic and Dysport.

Cosmetically, Botox is used all over the world as an injection to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. We commonly use it to reduce frown lines on the forehead, for instance. We can also use it to treat eye wrinkles and under eye bags. The product is widely used to remove crow’s feet around the eyes, vertical wrinkles on the forehead and smile and frown lines around the mouth. Botox is also used to treat neck wrinkles.

What else should I know?

The procedure is safe and most patients are candidates, but Botox should only be administered by a skilled and qualified physician. There are some side effects, but they are minor, including slight swelling at the injection site.

Our patients seek this treatment for both mild and severe wrinkles. During the initial consultation, Dr. Rodriguez will discuss your goals and expectations, and talk extensively about the treatment she recommends.

It is easy to prepare for the injections. You’ll have to avoid smoking, aspirin, blood thinners and alcohol for a few days prior. On the day of the procedure, we will cleanse the area and do the injection which contains lidocaine as a numbing agent. Afterwards, you can go home to rest, but many of our patients return directly to work. You may need a cold pack if you have slight swelling, and we ask you to avoid sun exposure and heavy exercise for the first few days.

The Elmquist Eye Group is pleased to have Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez as one of our physicians. She is a comprehensive ophthalmologist who performs cataract and glaucoma surgeries, but she also specializes in cosmetic procedures. She has long had a passion for facial aesthetics, and not only offers non-surgical treatments like BOTOX®/ Dysport®, but a wide variety of other cosmetic surgical procedures.

Elmquist Eye Group is well known in southwest Florida for providing superior eye care. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we use the latest techniques and technology to care for your family. Our highly trained staff and doctors are committed to delivering excellent care in a comfortable and caring setting.

If you are seeking a fresh new look without surgery, come see Dr. Rodriguez at Elmquist Eye Group. She is a caring and committed physician who strives to provide the highest quality of personalized care. She offers Botox treatment in Cape Coral, but also in our Fort Myers location as well. Please call our office to learn more about the cosmetic procedures offered and to schedule an appointment.