If you’ve developed a painful, red, swollen eyelid, you likely have a condition called blepharitis. While the exact cause of blepharitis is not clear, it is associated with several conditions. If you’ve wondered, “Is there blepharatis treatment near me?”, you are in luck. Come see us at Elmquist Eye Group.

What is blepharitis exactly?

Blepharitis Treatment Near MeBlepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids. It can happen in one or both eyelids and affects the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. There are several possible causes, including bacterial infection or a clogged oil gland. Rosacea, allergies and seborrheic dermatitis (a dandruff of the scalp and eyebrows) are often causes.

Blepharitis most often occurs when the tiny oil glands located near the eyelashes become clogged. The clogging eventually leads to painful, irritated and red eyelid. Some patients report dryness or grittiness in the eye, or even the sensation of a foreign body. If you have blepharitis and it does not seem to improve despite your efforts to regularly clean the affected area, it is time to see a doctor.

What is the treatment?

Many patients have chronic clogging of these oil glands. As a result, blepharitis is very uncomfortable. It is a difficult condition to treat, but the good news is that it is not contagious nor does it cause any permanent eye or vision damage.

At Elmquist Eye Group, we have a revolutionary spa scrub treatment. Dr. Elmquist himself invented this innovative blepharitis treatment. One of our skilled Fort Myers physicians will perform the procedure right in our eye care office. These spa treatments definitely alleviate patient symptoms and will even reduce your need for at-home therapy.

Here’s how the treatment works. The scrub is designed to help unclog the small oil-secreting glands on the upper and lower eyelids. Our physician will clear oil and other contaminants from these glands to unclog and remove any contaminants that could be a potential source of infection.

You really will feel like you are having a spa day. The procedure is quick and painless. We perform it in one of our relaxing rooms, complete with low lighting and relaxing background music. We even send you home with a kit to use at home to keep your eyelids clean and oil-free.

Our patients rave about the procedure and have reported significant symptom improvement. The spa scrubs are safe so they can be repeated as often as you need them.


Blepharitis should never be left untreated. It can lead to infections and other complications. A painful sty will sometimes form at the base of the eyelashes. The condition can cause the eyelashes to grow in abnormal directions or fall out altogether. The eyelid skin can be affected as well, and patients can experience dry eye or excess tears. People often have difficulty wearing contact lenses because the blepharitis affects the eye’s lubrication. Blepharitis also makes people more susceptible to pink eye.

If you have a red, itchy or swollen eyelid, you may have blepharitis. And remember: “Yes, there is blepharitis treatment near me!” We are in nearby Fort Myers, so come see our team at Elmquist Eye Group today. We are ready to help!