Bladeless Cataract Surgery Cape Coral

There are no proven treatments for cataracts other than surgery. If you are seeking experienced surgeons in Cape Coral who are skilled in bladeless cataract surgery, look no further than Elmquist Eye Group.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery Cape Coral

Elmquist Eye Group provides complete eye care services for all members of your family, from children to seniors.

Dr. Rodriguez is a skilled, board certified ophthalmologist, and Drs. Wagner and Burt are board certified optometrists. With state-of-the-art facilities, we can help you achieve the best possible visual results from your cataract surgery.

Traditional vs. Bladeless Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a form of refractive surgery because it changes the way your eye “refracts” or bends light rays to focus on the back of the eye.

In the case of the common refractive surgery called LASIK, a laser and computer guidance system are used to reshape the cornea to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses.

In the case of laser-assisted cataract surgery, the laser and guidance system are used to make tiny incisions in the cornea for removal of a cataract that is clouding your vision.  Previously, this was accomplished by the surgeon with a hand-held blade.

In both the traditional and laser-assisted cataract procedures, the cloudy lens has to be fragmented to make it easier to remove. In the traditional procedure, ultrasonic energy is used to accomplish this. In the laser-assisted procedure, the laser is used to soften and break up the cloudy lens, requiring less energy and causing less stress on the delicate fibers and membrane that will hold the new intraocular lens (IOL) in place. The process may help the surgeon position the replacement lens more accurately.

In both procedures, Dr. Rodriguez will remove the cataract with an ultrasonic probe and suction and insert and position the intraocular lens (IOL) you have selected.

While traditional cataract surgery provides excellent results, the revolutionary bladeless laser-assisted cataract procedure enhances our ability to offer patients at Elmquist Eye Group the best possible visual outcomes.

When to Consider Cataract Surgery

Symptoms of cataracts may include blurred or double vision, glare or haloes from lights, poor night vision, and frequent changes in prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. The first evidence of cataracts is usually discovered during a cataract evaluation.

While there is no reason to rush into cataract surgery unless your vision is affecting your lifestyle, there are some reasons you may want to consider doing it sooner than later. Patients who elect to have cataract surgery experience fewer hip fractures and are able to enjoy better driving performance.

If you live or work in Cape Coral and think you may be a candidate for bladeless cataract surgery, contact Elmquist Eye Group at (239) 936-2020. We would be delighted to answer your questions and help restore clarity and crispness in your vision.