Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Find the best eyeglasses for your face shape with the help of the knowledgeable opticians and staff at Elmquist Eye Group. We carry all of the current styles to fit your fashion and lifestyle needs.

Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Elmquist Eye Group has served Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and communities throughout Lee County and Southwest Florida since 1992. We offer a unique blend of expert eye care and a passion for providing the best service to everyone in your family, from children to adults.

Our full-service Optical Boutique is proud to offer an extensive collection of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in a range of styles, from sophisticated wire frames in timeless colors and designs, to sunglasses with a retro feel.  They come in all popular shapes, such as rectangle, round, aviator, and cat-eye, and a number of stunning color variations.

Consider Your Face Shape

Eyewear should complement your facial features and eye color. Some frame shapes can make the angles and curves of your face seem out of proportion, so it’s important to choose frames that are the right size and shape for your face.

Here are the characteristics of five of the most common face shapes and some tricks of the trade for choosing the best frames for each profile.

  • Round: Round faces have full cheekbones, rounded chins, few if any angles, and equally proportioned widths and lengths. Avoid round frames that exaggerate the roundness. Look for horizontal shapes and rectangular frames that sharpen your softer features and make your face look narrower and thinner. Frames with temples that connect at the top of the frame will also give the illusion of a longer face.
  • Square: Square-shaped faces feature wide foreheads and prominent jawlines. Avoid boxy, angular frames and those with color accents or embellishments on the bottom that can draw unwanted attention to your chin. Look for frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones. Thinner frames will balance out your angular features, and round or upswept shapes will soften your face.
  • Triangle: Triangular faces are narrower at the forehead and wider at the jaw. Balance them out with a frame that is slightly wider than your jawline, and look for frames that are all one color and made of a light material. Browline and cat-eye frames work well with your features as do frames with extra detailing on the upper part of the frame.
  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads, high cheekbones and narrow, pointed chins. Balance them out with a frame that is slightly wider than your forehead, but with detailing on the lower portion. Also look for frames in lighter colors that are wider at the bottom, or slightly rounded frames that dip between the eyes. Good options include aviators, wayfarers and butterfly styles.
  • Oval: Oval faces are the most versatile to fit because of their balanced proportions. You can wear any style of frames if they’re properly sized, but avoid oversized frames on small oval faces and too-small styles on larger faces. Instead, choose frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of your face, but feel free to play with colors, texture and trendy styles.

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