If you’ve been asking, “who are the best eye surgeons near me?”, the answer is at Elmquist Eye Group. Our surgeons are well versed in performing many eye surgeries, and are corneal and refractive experts with many years of experience. We’ve been serving southwest Florida for decades and we’re ready for you to be our next patient.

Training, Technology and Technique

Best Eye Surgeons Near MeWhen it comes to eye surgery, both technology and training matter a great deal. Our doctors are cornea fellowship-trained specialists who have taken extensive advanced courses in all aspects of corneal disease and care. In the last few years, laser eye surgery technology has seen dramatic advancements. Today, these state-of-the-art surgical techniques mean that it is possible for us to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in LASIK vision correction surgery.

The Surgeries We Offer

LASIK is a painless procedure that immediately restores your vision, and because the surgery requires no stitches, you are at very low risk for complications. LASIK surgery involves the use of two lasers, a femtosecond laser to first safely create a corneal flap, and an excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct vision.

LASIK surgery restores vision in over 96 percent of patients, so if you have been considering this procedure and would like to learn more, come in for a consultation with one of our Elmquist eye surgeons. During this free initial visit, we will answer your questions and discuss your expectations. If we feel that you are not a suitable LASIK candidate, we can definitely recommend other options.

Our board-certified Elmquist surgeons also offer oculoplastic surgeries, several cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the eyelids and the orbit bones around the eyes. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is designed to repair drooping upper eyelids or excessive bags under the eyes.

We can also surgically correct tear duct issues. Inflammation caused by allergies or other conditions can obstruct the tear ducts and lead to dry eye. We can correct dry eye to increase your natural tear production and retention, and can also correct the problem of excessive tearing, caused by the inability of the tear duct to properly hold the tears. Tear duct overflow often creates difficulty with vision or reading and patients often have increased risk of eye infection. For all these surgeries, our surgeons are well versed in the latest techniques and we utilize the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.

Your Eyesight is Precious

Your eyesight is precious, and our Elmquist team is ready to partner with you in your eye care. Come in and talk with us about LASIK, eyelid surgery, your dry eye condition, or any eye concern that you have. Our sincere goal is for you to have a pleasant experience with our eye surgeons and professional eye care team – from your first visit to your last treatment.

If you’ve been wondering, “Who are the best eye surgeons near me?”, the answer is to look no further than the qualified surgeons at Elmquist Eye Group. We have two convenient locations in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, so call us today to schedule an appointment.