Best Eye Surgeon Near Port Charlotte, Florida

At some point in life, you may find yourself in need of an eye surgeon for cataracts, glaucoma or other eye issues. Or, you may simply want to do LASIK vision correction surgery to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses. Regardless of the reason, it is a good idea to research eye surgeons before you need one. Come to Elmquist Eye Group for the best eye surgeons near Port Charlotte, Florida. Our Fort Myers office is just a quick drive away.

Types of Eye Surgery

Best Eye Surgeon Near Port Charlotte, FloridaWe perform several types of eye surgery: vision correction, treatment for eye diseases and even cosmetic eyelid procedures.

Our Elmquist surgeons perform the bladeless LASIK technique, a very quick and painless procedure that uses two lasers to correct refractive error and thus improve vision. We perform this on an outpatient basis.

Millions of Americans have cataracts, a normal sign of aging whereby proteins in the eye break down and clump on the lens. Elmquist’s board-certified surgeons are fellowship trained in the latest cataract surgical techniques.

Glaucoma is a silent eye disease that also affects millions of Americans. With glaucoma, the internal eye pressure builds up over time and damages the optic nerve. Glaucoma typically has no symptoms and therefore can silently rob a person of his or her eyesight. Glaucoma remains the single leading cause of preventable blindness in the world today. Our surgeons can perform several types of glaucoma procedures to prevent any further decline in vision loss, but any vision already lost cannot be restored. This is why early detection of glaucoma is key, particularly if you have a family history.

Why Choose Us?

At Elmquist, our team of board-certified ophthalmologists, optometrists and eye professionals has special training in ophthalmology and optometry surgeries and techniques. Our practice covers all areas of eye care and we treat all ages and all specialties. We can perform the most routine eye exam to the most complex surgery, and everything in between. Our doctors specialize in glaucoma, corneal and retinal diseases, and all eye surgeries.

We provide the full spectrum of vision care, including eyeglasses prescriptions. Our licensed optometrists can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We are trained to pinpoint problems with vision and visual acuity, and as such we offer all types of vision tests, including pediatric eye exams and presbyopia care for adults over age 40. We also offer specialized care for seniors who may have other health conditions like diabetes, and we will even work in conjunction with your family physician on a customized treatment plan.

Our entire team has vast experience and possesses tremendous clinical knowledge in a wide variety of eye diseases and surgeries. Regardless of your age or your condition, come see us soon. You may simply need an annual eye exam, or you may need a surgeon. If you need a surgeon and are near Port Charlotte, Florida, the best eye surgeons are at Elmquist Eye Group in nearby Fort Myers. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule your appointment today.