Annual eye exams and vision screenings are very different things. Vision screenings are important in flagging problems, but they are no substitute for a comprehensive exam. For that, come to Elmquist Eye Group, the best eye doctors near Port Charlotte, Florida.

What’s The Difference?

Best Eye Doctors Near Port Charlotte, FloridaParents often believe that, if a child passes a school vision screening, it means the child has perfect vision. This assumption is incorrect. A vision screening is really designed to screen out children (or adults) who have serious vision problems. In students, these problems have already become quite obvious to teachers, such as a child having trouble seeing a chalkboard or recognizing directional signs.

Vision screenings are important. They can help detect problems like crossed eyes (strabismus), nearsightedness, farsightedness, and anisometropia, a condition characterized by each eye having different levels of visual acuity. Left unchecked, amblyopia may occur; it is a permanent vision loss due to abnormal early childhood visual development. Amblyopia is a very common childhood vision problem, and the best scenario is early detection. A vision screening can flag the condition.

On the other hand, a comprehensive eye exam by one of our Elmquist Eye Group optometrists or ophthalmologists screens for not only problems in vision, but other eye diseases as well. This type of exam goes well beyond just checking for blurry vision.

Why Eye Exams Are Important For Kids

Having an annual eye exam can contribute to your child’s success at school. Most of what a child is expected to learn relies on good vision. A long-standing statistic shows that 80 percent of what children learn in and out of the classroom is visual, but the number has likely increased given the amount of screen time kids have now while learning.

A comprehensive eye exam is really the only way to ensure your child is seeing clearly in the classroom and for other activities like sports. If your child has had an issue flagged in a vision screening, come see us to discuss it. Even if your child passed the vision screening with flying colors, an eye exam is still important. In fact, our doctors recommend that children have a first eye exam no later than kindergarten.

More children are developing nearsightedness (myopia) at an earlier age. This is a concern because children who become nearsighted early in life do tend to have worsening nearsightedness later in life. They are also at higher risk for serious eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and detached retinas.

It is important to schedule an eye exam with us so that we can assess your child’s risk of myopia. When the condition is detected early, we can take several steps to control the progression, therefore reducing your child’s risk of developing serious conditions later in life.

When was your child’s last vision screening? Has he or she ever had a vision exam with an eye doctor? If not, come to the best eye doctors near Port Charlotte, Florida. At Elmquist Eye Group, we strive to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your child. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to see you!