Why is choosing an eye doctor so important? Most people choose an eye doctor in order to have someone to regularly check their vision. At most, a person might need corrective lenses and prescription adjustments from time to time. However, as people age, diseases that rob the vision can progress – diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. These diseases are only detectable through regular vision exams, a great reason to come to Elmquist Eye Group, the best eye doctors near Bonita Springs, Florida.

Eye Diseases

Best Eye Doctors Near Bonita Springs, FloridaMacular degeneration and glaucoma are the leading causes of gradual vision loss. Left unchecked, both diseases result in eventual blindness. As people age, the risk of these diseases greatly increase. Elmquist eye doctors recommend that everyone over age 60 have at least an annual vision exam. Sadly, we see many patients who could have had much better outcomes had they come in for annual exams.

Eye exams are important because diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma often have no symptoms. Neither do cataracts, at least in the early stages. Cataracts are not a disease but a natural part of aging. As the proteins in the eye break down during the aging process, the lens becomes cloudy. Cataracts can only be seen in the very advanced stages.

During an exam, doctors screen for these issues, using specialized tests and instruments to check your eyesight, eye pressure and the internal eye structures like the retina and optic nerve. At Elmquist, our doctors perform a comprehensive dilated eye exam that allows them to see details of the eye.

The Elmquist Physicians

Elmquist Eye Group has an ophthalmologist and optometrists on staff. Both perform the dilated eye exam. We are very well known in southwest Florida for providing the very best in eye care. The Fort Myers practice was founded in 1992 to provide patients with the highest quality eye care.

Our physicians, Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez, Dr. Kate Wagner and Dr. Nina Burt  provide a complete range of eye care services. Elmquist Eye Group doctors all have a calm and reassuring manner, and therefore we have the ability and expertise to care for anyone in your family.

We have state-of-the-art facilities and highly specialized equipment all integrated into a comfortable care setting. All of this together helps us accomplish our goals for our patients. We pride ourselves in having a highly trained staff committed to delivering excellent care in a comfortable and caring setting. Most of all, we want our patients to know that we always have their best interests at heart. We do our best to make all of our patients feel well cared for and special.

Many of our patients have been with us for several years, and we treat the entire family. They like having a trusted source of high quality eye care. You’ll get that at Elmquist Eye Group. We have the very best eye doctors near Bonita Springs, Florida, and we offer comprehensive vision care for every age and every need. Give us a call today and make an appointment. We want you to be our next new patient.