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Dry eye syndrome

Best Eye Doctors in FloridaOne of the most common conditions we treat is dry eye syndrome, which affects millions of Americans. In fact, dry eye is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions today. Our physicians can diagnose and treat dry eye, and we can educate you about it to help you better manage the condition.

What is dry eye? Our eyes have three protective layers: a water layer (aqueous layer), an oil (lipid) layer, and a protein (mucous layer). There are different types of dry eye that affect each of these layers. Depending on the type of dry eye you have, we will prescribe different treatments to fit each one. For instance, lipid-deficient dry eye occurs when the eye does not have sufficient lipid composition in the tears. This can be remedied by eye vitamins rich in omega-3.

Evaporative dry eye is very common. Moisture that protects your eye can evaporate, causing your eyes to feel irritated. This can occur if you sit in the direct line of an air flow from a fan or air conditioner. The air movement dries out the eyes. It also occurs frequently in patients who spend long hours working at a computer screen. We blink less often when staring at a screen, so moisture evaporates from the eye much more quickly.

Dry eye treatment

More than rewetting drops are needed for dry eye. Simply rewetting the eyes may provide temporary relief, but these drops do not address the lipid deficiency that causes one type of dry eye.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the most common type of dry eye that we treat. These small glands are in the eyelid margins and often become clogged with dirt and oil. Ultimately, tears cannot flow effectively through the blocked glands, so dry eye occurs.

Left untreated, dry eye usually worsens over time. The condition can affect anyone from a child to an adult, but dry eye is definitely treatable and can be prevented. The condition does usually become worse with age.

We use a test called the tear breakup time test (TBUT) to test how well the oil (meibomian) glands are functioning and how tears distribute across your eyes. Normal eyes will provide 10 or more seconds of protection, so if your test happens in less than 10 seconds, you may suffer from dry eye.

We offer a wide range of treatments, including warm compresses, vitamin supplements and lid cleansing and massage.

The Elmquist difference

Common symptoms of dry eye are a gritty or sandy feeling in the eye, or a stinging or burning sensation. Some people experience discharge from the eyes and often have red eyes.

You may have early, moderate or severe dry eye. The best remedy is to see the best eye doctors in Florida, Elmquist Eye Group. Our experienced team is ready to treat your dry eye or any other eye condition or disease you have. What are you waiting for? Call us today or go online to schedule your appointment.