If you’ve been asking yourself, “Who is the best eye doctor in my area?”, the answer is Elmquist Eye Group. We’ve been serving the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area for over two decades. We are well-known for supporting our patients’ overall health. At Elmquist, we like empowered patients, so here are a few tips on how you can become one.

Find the Right Care

Best Eye Doctor in My AreaAt Elmquist Eye Group, we view the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership. We believe that when you see yourselves as partners, you take a more engaged approach to your eye issues and treatments. We also want this partnership to last, from when you are very young with perfect vision and as you get older and your eye care needs change.

We offer comprehensive eye exams and specialized eye care for conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. We have excellent doctors, surgeons, and eye care teams ready to care for you.

We advocate vision exams starting at six months of age. It is very important that we ensure a baby’s eyes are developing properly and that he or she is seeing well. We can diagnose and correct conditions that can happen at this early age. We want to follow you as a patient through elementary, middle, and high school, as you pass age 40, and even at age 75 when you may develop cataracts.

Knowledge and Preparation Are Powerful

Patients who are the most engaged keep track of their medical records and know what is going on. They research their own eye conditions and are knowledgeable. These patients come prepared to their appointments and are ready to ask questions about treatment options, prevention, and possible development of other conditions.

Preparation is one of the best ways to become empowered. Prepare before your appointment with us. Write down questions you may have and do your own research. (We just ask that you use credible resources when you do!)

Seeking Outside Help

It takes a village, as they say, and we are willing to be part of your larger health care team. Quite often, we work with primary care physicians or other specialists for patients who have complicating factors like heart disease or diabetes. We can get to know your local pharmacist, and you should too because pharmacists have a wealth of knowledge about health conditions and the medications used to treat them.

We don’t want you to think of Elmquist Eye Group as doing something to you when you come in to see us. Instead, we think of it as working with you to care for your precious eyesight. We want you to be our next empowered patient, and we hope you feel happy to say “I’m seeing the best eye doctor in my area!” The more information you have, the more likely it is that you will become your own best advocate for your health. Come in or call us at Elmquist Eye Group.