Best Cataract Surgery Centers

As one of the best cataract surgery centers in Southwest Florida, the Elmquist Eye Group team has provided exceptional cataract care to residents for more than 25 years and is pleased to offer refractive laser-assisted cataract surgery and the latest advancements in intraocular lens technology.

Best Cataract Surgery Centers

Yasaira Rodriguez, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon who specializes in premium cataract surgery, LASIK, eyelid surgery, and in-office procedures.

How Do Cataracts Occur?

A cataract occurs when the normally clear lens of your eye gets cloudy.  Most of the time, the condition develops in older individuals, but according to the National Eye Institute, more than 24.5 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by them.  By the age of 80, more than 50% of Americans have cataracts or have had cataract surgery to remove them.

While most cataracts are age-related, cataracts also occur in babies or young children (called congenital cataracts). And they can be caused by a traumatic eye injury, by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, by the use of certain medications, including prednisone and corticosteroids, and by certain diseases, such as diabetes.

When Should You Consider Cataract Surgery?

The only way to remove a cataract is through surgery. Although this can be intimidating, the procedure is the most common elective surgery among Medicare beneficiaries in the United States, and one of the safest procedures. Multiple studies have shown that cataract surgery can improve quality of life and reduce the risk of falls and car crashes.

If your symptoms are mild and the cataract has not progressed, we may be able to make a change to your eyeglass prescription to help you function comfortably until the cataract really starts to bother you.

If you’re unable to safely drive at night, need clear vision for work, driving or hobbies like reading, cooking or sewing, or experience too much glare to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, such as golfing, skiing or surfing, it could be time to have the cataract removed. Dr. Rodriguez will help you decide.

Elmquist Eye Group is among a limited number of practices to offer refractive cataract surgery, which is performed with the FDA-approved LenSx® femtosecond laser. The laser automates three steps of the surgery that previously had to be done manually and improves the overall precision, safety and accuracy of the surgery.

If you are looking for the best cataract surgery center in Fort Myers, Florida, contact Elmquist Eye Group today at (239) 936-2020 to speak with our specialists. We are proud to be leaders in refractive cataract surgery and can help you decide which procedure may be the best choice for you.