Best Cataract Specialists in Fort Myers

Cataracts are an inevitable part of the aging process, but you will find the best cataract specialists at Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers, who are pleased to offer the revolutionary bladeless laser-assisted cataract procedure and the latest advancements in intraocular lens technology.

Best Cataract Specialists in Fort Myers

Yasaira Rodriguez, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon who specializes in LASIK, premium cataract surgery and eyelid surgery.

Do You Think You May Have a Cataract?

If you have trouble reading, seeing in the distance, or difficulty when driving at night, you may have a cataract. Cataracts are an inevitable part of the aging process, but many people don’t even realize they have one until it is discovered during a routine eye examination.

Although most cataracts are age-related, you don’t have to be a senior citizen to get one. Individuals can have an age-related cataract in their 40s and 50s, but they are usually small and do not affect vision. It is after the age of 60 that cataracts are most responsible for diminished vision.

About Bladeless Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Bladeless laser-assisted cataract surgery has been used to remove cataracts for the last 10 years. It provides the same excellent outcome as traditional cataract surgery, but it uses a different method.

Our cataract surgeons use special computer software to create a surgical plan with a 3-D map of your unique eye. The plan informs them of the location, depth, and length of the cataract. Using the plan and map, the femtosecond laser creates the incisions and assists in the cataract removal with a higher degree of precision than in traditional cataract surgery.

The laser also softens and fragments the cataract for removal, but the laser’s light energy is gentler and causes minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The surgeon removes the old lens and inserts the new artificial intraocular lens (IOL) you have selected.

Laser cataract surgery takes 5 to 10 minutes. Recovery time is very similar to traditional cataract surgery, and most individuals recover and return to their normal activities very quickly.

About three million Americans have cataract surgery every year. Although it is a delicate procedure, it is one of the safest and most common surgeries performed in the world, and has a better than 95% success rate.

Of course, there are risks and complications involved in any type of surgery, but bladeless laser-assisted cataract surgery is designed to make the procedure even more precise, safe and accurate.

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