By the time we reach age 55, most of us have already started to develop cataracts. If you believe you may have a cataract, you are fortunate to be close to Elmquist Eye Group and the best cataract doctor in Fort Myers.

Cataract Causes

Best Cataract Doctor in Fort MyersThe eye lens is composed of several layers, much like an onion. Cataracts can develop in the innermost or outermost layers or in between. Cataracts are named for their lens location. Nuclear cataracts form in the lens center. Cortical cataracts affect the layers, and posterior capsular cataracts form in the back outer layers.

Regardless of the type of cataract you have, most cataracts form because of age-related changes in the lens of the eye. Several other factors can increase the likelihood of a cataract or make the cataract progress more rapidly.

Several conditions put you at higher risk, such as having diabetes or being a smoker. Certain medications you take like corticosteroids can also put you at higher risk. Certainly, exposure to UV radiation also increases the chances you will have cataracts, so it is always important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. Several studies have shown that higher alcohol consumption increases cataract formation. Cataracts also may develop after eye surgeries for other problems like glaucoma or after eye injuries.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Why not have the best cataract doctor in Fort Myers diagnose your cataract? We do so by performing a comprehensive eye exam that includes a dilated eye exam to inspect the retina and lens, as well as visual acuity measurements. We also gather an extensive patient medical history to look at any underlying problems that may be contributing to the cataract.

We may perform supplemental testing like testing the internal eye pressure or testing your color vision or glare sensitivity. All of these tests help us determine whether you have cataracts, and also help us devise the best treatment options going forward

There is no medical treatment to prevent or slow cataract progression. As cataracts worsen, so does your vision. Surgery to replace the lens is the only option but, because cataracts form very slowly, the vision changes are gradual.

Our doctors recommend strategies like wearing UV-blocking sunglasses and increasing antioxidant vitamin consumption. Nutrition is very important and nutrients like vitamins C and E, zinc and lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of cataracts.Bottom of Form

When you have cataracts, it is very important to have regular checkups to determine the progression of the protein deposits. We can make more frequent eyeglass prescription changes and add anti-glare coatings to help with night driving. You can do things at home, too, like increasing the amount of light when reading.

If you have noticed that your vision is not as clear as it used to be, you may have cataracts. Come see the best cataract doctor in Fort Myers at Elmquist Eye Group. We want to provide you with outstanding eye care, so come see us today!