Are your eyelids drooping? Is it significant enough that it is interfering with your vision? Have reading or watching television become difficult? If so, you may need a treatment called blepharoplasty, and the best blepharoplasty surgeon in Cape Coral is at Elmquist Eye Group.

Best Blepharoplasty Surgeon in Cape CoralEyelid droop can affect anyone – men or women at any age and of any ethnicity. Our experienced physician, Dr. Rodriquez, will diagnose your condition and discuss surgical repair and other treatments. Eyelid droop occurs in the upper or lower eyelids, as a result of normal aging. Sometimes, people can develop serious cases after a stroke. People with the condition also typically have either dry eye or extremely watery eyes.


Depending on the underlying cause and severity, the doctors at Elmquist Eye Group will recommend an appropriate treatment. We will take an extensive medical history and will also perform vision testing and test your facial muscles. Many of our patients want to improve their physical appearance, so they request and we often recommend the blepharoplasty surgery. Most patients are candidates for the procedure.

Dr. Rodriguez performs the surgery, during which the levator muscle is tightened in order to lift the eyelid, restoring it to its natural position. We use twilight anesthesia, so you will be comfortable but awake for the entire procedure. Dr. Brown often repairs both the upper and lower lids at the same time, and she can perform the procedure on both eyes at the same time.

Risk and Recovery

There is some risk for any surgical procedure, but little risk associated with eyelid surgery. Patients often experience minor irritations like dry eye or minor bruising and swelling.

Recovery from upper blepharoplasty surgery is easy. For about a week, you will need to sleep with your head slightly elevated. This sleeping position will reduce the mild to moderate swelling that occurs after the procedure.

There is minimal pain for about two or three days after the surgery. Most patients don’t require any pain medication, but if it is needed, Dr. Rodriguez recommends over-the-counter Tylenol which can easily control the pain.

One day after surgery, Dr. Rodriguez will schedule you for a follow-up appointment so that she can check your healing progress. About a week after surgery, our team will schedule you for another appointment to remove the sutures. After that, you can resume normal activities and even wear makeup.

The Elmquist Difference

If your eyelids are bothering you and you want to improve your facial appearance, come to the best blepharoplasty surgeon in Cape Coral – Dr. Rodriguez at Elmquist Eye Group. Many patients trust their eyes to Dr. Rodriguez and the professional team at Elmquist Eye Group. We are ready to perform a thorough evaluation and answer all your questions about this restorative surgery. Call us today to make an appointment at Elmquist Eye Group.