Visioffice, a revolutionary new measuring system that creates optical lenses that are unique to the patient is available now at Elmquist Eye Group, the only local practice to offer this technology. Using the Visioffice with Eyecode technology, opticians can now take a single measurement to record the patient’s eye rotation center for each eye, as well as the patient’s natural head posture, eye position, visual behavior and frame measurements – all factors that are unique to each patient and can impact lens performance. The information is then used to create individualized lenses that are unique to the patient. In addition, the frame selection feature allows patients to try on frames and take photos at a variety of angles. It then dispenses the photos so that the patients can view and select their choice of frames.

“This pioneering new technology is comparable to taking the DNA from your eye and transposing it into eyewear for improved lens performance and vision for patients,” says Dr. Trevor Elmquist. “This technology enables our opticians, for the first time, to pinpoint the exact eye rotation center. With this vital measurement, we can provide accurate, personalized lenses to help our patients achieve the most precise vision possible. Most importantly, our patients are reporting significant improvements in their vision including improved reading, crisper vision and improved distance and clarity.”

Fort Myers Beach resident William Marx was the first patient to use the new technology at Elmquist Eye Group. “Because I’m farsighted and wear bifocals, I constantly had to switch between two pairs of glasses and take them off to read. Using the Visioffice technology, the optician took one measurement and created an all-in-one lens for me. I no longer have lines in my glasses or need to take them on and off. Not only are my new lenses much more convenient, but my vision has never been more clear.”

Founded in 1992, Elmquist Eye Group provides comprehensive eye care to thousands of patients in Lee County. Services include routine eye exams and diagnosis and treatment of cataracts; macular degeneration; diabetic eye disease; dry eyes; glaucoma; and other eye conditions. Optometrist Dr. Kate Wagner joined the practice in 2006 and is now a partner with the group. Optometrist Dr. Nina Burt joined the practice in January. A full optical boutique is located within the Fort Myers office with a wide range of eyeglass options. The Fort Myers office is located at 12670 New Brittany Blvd., Suite 102. A new branch office opened in January in Cape Coral at the Shops at Surfside. New patients are currently being accepted.