Elmquist Eye Group is now offering bladeless, laser-assisted cataract surgery designed to improve the precision, safety and accuracy of cataract surgery. Developed by Alcon, LenSx is the first femtosecond laser system to receive FDA approvals for cataract procedures.

Described as a natural clouding of the eye lens, cataracts affect more than 20 million people worldwide and are a leading cause of vision loss for people ages 55 and older.

The femtosecond laser system automates three steps of cataract surgery that were previously performed manually: creating the anterior capsulotomy that involves making a circular incision within the eye, fragmenting the cataract and making laser incisions on the corneal plane.

“The precision, speed and accuracy of the femtosecond laser are remarkable,” said Trevor Elmquist, founder of Elmquist Eye Group. “For context, a femtosecond is to a second what a second is to about 31.7 million years. While traditional cataract surgery provides excellent results, this revolutionary procedure enhances our ability to offer patients at Elmquist Eye Group the best visual outcomes possible.”

Elmquist Eye Group was founded by Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist in Fort Myers in 1992 and provides comprehensive eye care to thousands of patients in Lee County. Using the latest technology, Elmquist and his highly skilled associates, including Dr. Kate Wagner; partner, and Dr. Nina Burt, provide a complete range of eye care services for children and adults including routine eye exams and diagnosis and treatment of cataracts; macular degeneration; diabetic eye disease; dry eyes; glaucoma; and other eye conditions. A full optical boutique is located within the Fort Myers office with a wide range of eyeglass options. The Fort Myers office is located at 12670 New Brittany Blvd., Suite 102, and the Cape Coral office is located at the Shops at Surfside, 2336 Surfside Blvd., Suite 121.