Elmquist Eye Group now offers TearLab, a new diagnostic tool to determine the salt content of a patient’s tear, in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral offices. The TearLab Osmolarity System allows doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat dry eye syndrome, which can affect vision, comfort and the ability to perform daily tasks.

Dry eye syndrome causes symptoms such as stinging or burning eyes, scratchiness, excess mucus around the eye and blurry vision. Causes can include environmental factors, medications, contact lenses, hormonal changes or deficiencies and eye strain.

The TearLab system uses a small, hand-held device to painlessly collect a tiny sample of a patient’s tear. The painless procedure involves holding the device against the outside corner of the eye for a few seconds. The device then analyzes the tear sample and displays the salt content of the tear on a small screen.

“By knowing the exact salt content, we can more accurately treat dry eye syndrome in our patients,” said Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist, founder of Elmquist Eye Group. “Those with higher salt content might require prescription medications, while those with lower salt content may find relief with over-the-counter eye drops. The TearLab system makes it much easier for our doctors to quickly treat the irritating symptoms of dry eye syndrome.”