After 40 years of practice, Dr. Trevor Elmquist retires, leaving the practice in the extraordinary hands of an exceptional team of eye specialists to carry the Elmquist legacy forward.

Dr. Trevor Elmquist Announces His Retirement

To my valued patients and dear friends,

This year marks thirty years since I founded Elmquist Eye Group, and almost 40 years of ophthalmology practice that began in the Air Force and at Walter Reed Medical center. This milestone brings great pride and a bit of disbelief that I’ve been able to do what I love for almost four decades. Southwest Florida has grown and changed so much in this time, and I remain grateful this is where Carol and I were able to raise our family and establish so many wonderful friendships. But as with all of life’s journeys, it is time now for us to enter a new phase.

With excitement and a little sadness, I am announcing my retirement from the Elmquist Eye Group. Kate Wagner and I have built a practice of which we are incredibly proud, and while I’ve worked with many wonderful physicians over the years, I’m excited to leave the practice in the extraordinary hands of Yasaira Rodriquez, MD, Kate Wagner, OD and Nina Burt, OD to carry the Elmquist legacy forward.

The practice will continue to see those seeking comprehensive eye care in both Ft. Myers and Cape Coral. They will expand as a center of excellence for patients seeking cataract and lens implant surgery, cosmetic treatments, advanced diagnostic evaluation, routine wellness exams, glaucoma management, retina treatment, and optical services. You’ll see different physician names on our door, but the extraordinary staff, personalized care and dedication to vision protection and preservation will continue.

Dr. Rodriguez will offer surgical evaluations and medical care in Ft Myers. Dr. Wagner and Dr. Burt will offer robust patient schedules in both our Ft. Myers and Cape Coral locations. We will continue to perform surgery in Ft. Myers for cataracts and blepharoplasty, and now offer in-office treatment for post-cataract and glaucoma lasers.

I am excited for what this next phase means for me personally, and for the Elmquist Eye Group family. These accomplished physicians will continue to provide surgical excellence and comprehensive surgical, wellness and medical vision care for you and your family for years to come.


With gratitude, 
Trevor Elmquist, DO
Medical Director