Blepharitis Treatment – Spa Scrubs

Spa Scrubs are an innovative blepharitis treatment that was designed by Dr. Elmquist. Blepharitis is a common eyelid disease that can lead to infections and further complications if left untreated.  You may have blepharitis if you’re experiencing redness, itching or swelling along the eyelid margin. Other symptoms include a foreign body sensation, dryness and grittiness.

Spa Scrubs are performed by one of our skilled physicians at our Fort Myers eye care office. The goal is to help alleviate patient’s symptoms and reduce their need for at-home therapy.

Our upper and lower eyelids contain small glands that secrete oily wax.  This can lead to infections in patients with blepharitis. During the Spa Scrubs visit the physician will express these glands, clearing out any potential source of infection.  The patient is kept in a serene, low lit room with relaxing music playing in the background.  The procedure fee includes an at-home kit with some of the tools that were used and are not available for purchase over the counter.  Many of the patients who had this therapy have reported a significant improvement in their symptoms.  Spa scrubs can be repeated as needed on an annual basis.

Please call our office on (239) 936-2020 for further information if you think that you could benefit from this new service.