Silhouette Eyeglasses Fort Myers

When you prefer rimless eyeglasses for their light weight and comfort, the innovative Silhouette brand, available at Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, produces eyewear that is so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Elmquist Eye Group has been serving communities throughout Lee County and Southwest Florida for more than 20 years. We take pride in offering a unique blend of expert eye care and a passion for providing the best service to our patients.

Dr. E. Trevor Elmquist, his partner Dr. Kate Wagner and associate Dr. Nina Burt provide complete eye care services. Dr. Elmquist is an experienced board certified ophthalmologist, and Drs. Wagner and Burt are board certified optometrists. With state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a wide variety of services, from routine eye exams for glasses to refractive cataract surgery.

About Silhouette Rimless Eyewear

Silhouette Eyeglasses Fort MyersSilhouette is an Austrian company that was founded in 1964 and pioneered rimless, hinge-less, and screw-less eyeglass frames. Queen Elizabeth II has worn Silhouette glasses since 1982 and made the company’s Model 1899, which has a special Polymer combination, famous.

Since 2002, NASA has chosen the Silhouette Titan Minimal Art frame for its astronauts. At only 1.8 grams (or slightly more than half an ounce), the light frame, which is devoid of hinge screws, reduces the dangers to astronauts caused by loose eyeglass components, especially during spacewalks.

If you are looking for minimalist eyewear, Silhouette may be the brand for you. Most of the temples are made from titanium and the rimless eyeglasses are flexible, allergy free, and can be customized to fit each individual face.

Advantages of Rimless Glasses

Many men and women prefer rimless eyeglasses for a variety of reasons:

  • Weigh less than other glasses
  • Less visible on your face
  • Create a larger field of view
  • Comfortable for longer periods of time
  • Less likelihood of marks from nose pads
  • Suitable for most facial shapes
  • Suitable with all types of clothing
  • Greater possibility for different lens shapes

Since rimless glasses are not supported by a frame, be sure to choose a well-constructed pair. They may also be more fragile than framed eyeglasses, so you may prefer not to wear them when participating in sports. 

Don’t Forget Your Eye Exam

There are many conditions that threaten your eyesight, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, but they show few symptoms in their early stages. Catching them early can result in successful treatment. Even if you think your eyes are healthy, regular eye exams are important for detecting and treating problems before they lead to vision loss.

If you haven’t had an eye exam recently, you may be passing up your best chance to protect your eyesight. A thorough eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is the best way to ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

To find out more about the almost weightless but durable Silhouette rimless eyeglasses or sunglasses, Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers or Cape Coral would be delighted to help. Call us at (239) 936-2020 to schedule an appointment.