Progressive Contact Lenses Fort Myers

Many of our over-40 patients have been wearing contact lenses for years, but come talk to our Elmquist Eye Group team because they have recently begun having difficulty focusing on close-up reading. The problem is presbyopia and the solution is progressive contact lenses at the Fort Myers location of Elmquist Eye Group.

What is presbyopia?

Progressive Contact Lenses Fort MyersThe condition known as presbyopia is very common in the over-40 age group. By age 50, most patients experience it, and the condition worsens up until age 65. What is it? Presbyopia is an age-related condition. The eye loses its ability to focus on close-up objects because the eye becomes less flexible with age. Presbyopia is not the same as farsightedness, but the symptoms are similar. As a result, you may find that over age 40, you have more problems reading book print or seeing text messages on your phone.

Specifically, the eye’s crystalline lens becomes more rigid and loses its ability to focus on near objects like books, newspapers and computer screens. Presbyopia is the result; the condition is also referred to as sight aging reduction. The condition does develop gradually over time. After age 40, you may begin noticing that your vision is blurry at a normal reading distance, and you may begin to hold reading material farther away to bring it into focus.  You may also experience headaches or eye strain after reading for long periods of time or doing other close-up work, and your symptoms may be worse in dim lighting or when you are tired.

What can I do?

There are three types of contact lenses that we can use to correct presbyopia. We can use monovision lenses, but if we correct your close-up vision only, you won’t have any distance vision correction. We can use a multifocal lens, but often find that these lenses are not as custom as the progressive lens option. Many of our patients do not want to wear reading glasses, so we suggest progressive disposable contact lenses as an alternative. The lenses allow better vision at all distances. Progressive lenses have been around for some time with eyeglasses, and the technology has also been added to contact lenses. Even though the lenses are tinted for easier handling and improved ability to see your lens in the clear contact solution, the tint will not change your eye color.

The lenses are popular with our patients who don’t like the stigma of wearing reading glasses. Many of our very active patients like the flexibility that contact lenses give them when playing sports or enjoying outdoor activities. They don’t want to wear glasses or carry a pair of reading glasses around throughout the day.

Most patients are candidates for progressive lenses. The Elmquist team will schedule an eye exam for you and evaluate your vision to design the perfect treatment plan for you. For more information about these treatments and progressive contact lenses in Fort Myers, give us a call today at Elmquist Eye Group.