Progressive Contact Lenses Cape Coral

Have you noticed yourself holding a book or newspaper at arm’s length to bring the text into focus? Almost everyone over age 40 is right there with you. This change in vision is called presbyopia and is caused by an age-related condition. At Elmquist Eye Group in Cape Coral, we recommend progressive contact lenses as the remedy for presbyopia.

Tell me more about this condition

Progressive Contact Lenses Cape CoralWhen the eye forms an image, the eye must rely on both the lens and the cornea to focus light from reflected objects. Basically, both eye structures bend or refract the light that is entering the eye. The light is focused on the retina so that you can see the image. The lens flexes more when objects are closer. With age, however, the lens becomes less flexible because it begins to harden. As the lens becomes less flexible, it is no longer able to change shape as well to focus on close-up images. This is why images appear out of focus.

How can I remedy this vision issue?

Progressive contact lenses allow you to have distance vision while still also doing close-up work like reading. These lenses are very technologically advanced and almost anyone over age 40 can wear them. The great benefit is that you won’t need to always have a pair of reading glasses with you.

Vision with progressive lenses is very natural. You can easily switch from close to far viewing. When driving, you can seamlessly look at the dashboard and the road and road signs. It does take time to adjust to progressive contact lenses, but you will get used to them in no time. We tell most of our patients to give themselves one to two weeks to adjust. Some of our patients may need a month. We advise patients to wear the new lenses as much as possible because the adjustment will be quicker.

At Elmquist, we want our patients to know about all treatment possibilities. We work with presbyopic patients who wear only glasses, who currently wear monovision contact lenses, and those who wear contact lenses with reading glasses. We try to understand your daily eye regimen, including how much computer use is typical or how much reading you might do in a typical day.

We also like to discuss options with our patients every year. We find that some patients may not be interested in a progressive lens option one year but are interested at the next appointment because of a change in daily activities. We also have patients who tried contact lenses years ago and found them to be uncomfortable. Lens technology today is so far advanced even from just five years ago, so our patients find today’s lenses to be so much more comfortable. We often encourage patients to try daily lenses as a very suitable option.

Most patients are candidates for progressive lenses and our overall message is that progressive lenses are a wonderful option for presbyopia. If you are looking for progressive contact lenses in Cape Coral, look no further than the Elmquist team. Come see us for an eye exam. Don’t delay. Give us a call today. We are here to assist with all of your eye care needs.