Multifocal Contact Lenses Fort Myers

Do you have different vision needs? Do you need correction for distance vision as well as close up reading, and everything in between? If so, multifocal lenses may be a good option for you. Fortunately for Fort Myers residents, multifocal contact lenses are available at Elmquist Eye Group. Let’s learn more.

What are multifocal lenses?

Multifocal Contact Lenses Fort MyersMultifocal contact lenses contain multiple prescriptions for refractive error. Typically these lenses contain a prescription for viewing close-up objects as well as a prescription for distance viewing and prescriptions for vision at intermediate distances. The wearer can smoothly shift from viewing at a distance to up-close vision. The lenses are designed with concentric rings of differing prescriptions. This design allows light from objects viewed at varying distances to simultaneously focus on the retina. Another blended design exists to keep both near and distance vision prescriptions close to the eye in order to more closely mimic the natural viewing experience.

Multifocal contacts are available in soft lenses as well as the more rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens materials. There are pros and cons to the lenses, of course. Advantages include less abrupt changes between prescriptions (compared to bifocals) and a better visual acuity for both near and far distances. Patients love multifocal lenses because they can often eliminate extra eyewear such as bifocal lenses.

Regarding drawbacks, some patients find that multifocal lenses are difficult to adjust to. Most patients take one or two weeks to adjust to these lenses. Your neural pathways will process these signals until you adapt to your new vision. Additionally, some patients experience increased halos or starburst patterns with night vision while adjusting to the new lenses.

Multifocal lenses if you’re over age 40

Multifocal lenses are ideal for over-40 patients with presbyopia, an age-related vision problem that causes the eye to no longer focus on close-up objects. Presbyopia is common from age 40 to 65. The eye lens becomes less flexible therefore the eye loses its ability for close-up focus. You may notice that you have more trouble reading up-close text or seeing your mobile phone screen.

Presbyopia gradually develops over time. You may not realize you have it, but you also may have noticed that you are holding a newspaper or your phone farther away to be able to read.

You may also be noticing eye strain or headaches, particularly when reading or working in dim light.

If multifocal lenses sound like a wonderful option for you. Come see our amazing team at Elmquist Eye Group for an initial consultation. Most patients are candidates for multifocal contact lenses, but if you are not for some reason, there are other options that we can discuss with you, including reading glasses paired with regular contact lenses, or other types of contact lenses like bifocals or monovision lenses. We can even discuss surgical vision correction options like LASIK or lens implantation.

Our incredible team will find the best option for you, including multifocal contact lenses. Fort Myers patients, what are you waiting for? Come in soon! Schedule your initial appointment with us today.