LASIK Eye Doctors Fort Myers

If you live or work in Fort Myers and are evaluating LASIK eye doctors who can provide you with the best possible treatment, consider Elmquist Eye Group.

Elmquist Eye Group is recognized in Fort Myers and Cape Coral for having the best eye doctors in the region. E. Trevor Elmquist, DO, Sarah Eccles-Brown, MD, and Yasaira Rodriguez, MD are board certified ophthalmologists who specialize in general ophthalmology and surgery. Dr. Elmquist’s partner, Kate Wagner, OD, and associate, Nina Burt, OD, are board certified optometrists who offer comprehensive eye care services.

From comprehensive eye exams to the diagnosis and treatment of everything from common vision problems to complex eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease, Elmquist Eye Group will provide your family with the latest treatments to meet all of your eye care needs.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery

LASIK Eye Doctors Fort MyersIf you have a refractive error, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or presbyopia, LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea to improve the focusing power of the eye. If you’ve worn eyeglasses or contact lenses for a long time, consider these benefits:

  • Safe and effective. LASIK is proven to be effective. Continuous improvements in laser technology and surgical techniques have made the procedure safer and more effective year after year.
  • Vision improvement. Although each patient is different, 95% of those who undergo LASIK eye surgery achieve 20/40 vision, while the vast majority achieve 20/20 vision or better.
  • Little or no discomfort. You may experience burning, redness, sensitivity to light, and/or the feeling that something is in your eye following your LASIK surgery, but any discomfort should not last more than a few hours. To combat possible temporary eye dryness, your doctor may prescribe artificial teardrops.
  • Quick recovery. The all-laser LASIK surgery we perform at Elmquist Eye Group is very brief and takes only a few minutes for each eye, however someone must be available to drive you home. Most people are impressed by the improvements in their vision by the next day. You can expect to drive and return to work and your normal exercise routine within 24-48 hours after the procedure.
  • Long-lasting results. LASIK surgery results are expected to be permanent, and there is no need for follow-up procedures. However, even with LASIK surgery, you may still need reading glasses after the age of 50 and may develop age-related cataracts. Regular checkups with Elmquist Eye Group can help diagnose and treat these problems early.

Can Anyone Have LASIK Surgery?

If you are at least 18 years old, have stable vision, have had no previous eye surgery, and do not have an eye disease, you may be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. However, the procedure is not for everyone.

A thorough examination at Elmquist Eye Group will include a careful medical and ocular history to make sure there are no conditions that could compromise the outcome of your surgery.

Individuals with thin, weak, or severely scarred corneas, as well as those with medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, HIV, or uncontrolled diabetes, may not be good candidates for LASIK. Individuals who have recurring eye infections or inflammations, such as herpes simplex, herpes zoster, or Sjogren’s syndrome, may also be poor LASIK candidates.

Give the LASIK eye doctors in Fort Myers a call today at (239) 936-2020 to schedule an evaluation and find out how Elmquist Eye Group can get you started on the road to better vision.