Eyeglasses in Cape Coral, Florida

The selection of designer eyeglasses at Elmquist Eye Group is among the best in Cape Coral. We offer high-quality frames and lenses in the latest styles to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Eyeglasses Cape CoralE, Trevor Elmquist, DO, his partner, Kate Wagner, OD, and his associates Nina Burt, OD and Sarah Eccles-Brown, MD, provide a wide variety of eye care services, from routine eye exams for corrective lenses to bladeless laser-assisted cataract surgery, LASIK laser vision correction, and glaucoma laser surgery.

Dr. Elmquist and Dr. Brown are board certified ophthalmologists and fellows of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Dr. Wagner and Dr. Burt are board certified optometrists.

Optical Boutique

In our Optical Boutique, we’ll help you select just the right frame and lenses from a wide variety of brands, including Oakley, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Ray Ban, Nike, Liz Claiborne, Juicy Couture, Nautica, Charmant, Silhouette, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many others.

Our opticians enjoy helping you find the perfect frame to match your style, whether you need glasses for everyday use or for specific occupational or recreational needs. Once you’ve picked out your new frame style, we want you to see as clearly as possible, so we offer a wide range of scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, as well as different lens designs and tints.

To help you see your best, we offer a variety of eyeglass lens options that are specifically designed to provide you with the most accurate vision possible. They include:

  • Single Vision Lensesprovide one focus area. Typically prescribed to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, single vision lenses are the most common type of prescription lens.
  • Bifocal & Trifocal Lensesprovide two or three focal points in one lens to help you see both close-up and far-away. These often have a visible line across the lens dividing distance and near vision which helps you know where to look to see near or far.
  • Progressive Lensesprovide you with distance vision, near vision, and all visions in between. There is no line across the lens, so you won’t have to peer over the glasses as your grandfather may have done. Our Varilux progressives are true “multi-focal” lenses that may be the closest thing to your natural vision.

A great way to make up your mind is to try Visioffice to see yourself in new glasses before you buy! The state-of-the-art system takes precise eye rotation, head posture, eye position, visual behavior, and frame measurements, and demonstrates lens enhancement features to help you select the right frames. We’re one of the few local practices to offer this revolutionary new system.

If you prefer contact lenses, we have a wide selection available including disposables, torics (used to correct astigmatism), monovision, bifocal and rigid gas permeable lenses. Once you are an established contact lens patient, you’ll be able to order your contact lenses online. The contact lenses can be delivered directly to your home, eliminating the need for a trip to our office.

Elmquist Eye Group believes in providing the finest eyewear possible. We proudly offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses and everyday eyeglasses in Cape Coral. Get in touch with us today at (239) 936-2020 to schedule an appointment.